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GoPro Hero5: New Camera Patent Revealed

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Action camera features indicates powerful and flexible device

Fans and professional users of high quality video cameras have been awaiting the GoPro Hero5 for quite some time, and it appears that the unveiling of this device is one step closer. The company behind the device, GoPro Inc., has recently received a designer patent for what appears to be the upcoming camera.

Design tweaks

The San Mateo-based manufacturer of action cameras appears inclined to continue with the same boxy design that it has utilized in other iterations of the series, but this device will also include some new upgrades. The patent details a new battery door on the rear of the device, along with additional buttons and LED indicators on the front.

Additionally, there will be multiple microphone locations included within the device, which would seem to indicate surround-sound recording. And although the boxy visage is retained, the GoPro Hero5 will seemingly feature more rounded corners for a more pleasing overall design.

It has been a tough time for GoPro in trading recently, with its stock taking something of a battering.


So the company will be hoping that this new action camera gets it back on the right track. It is a shame that GoPro has suffered in the city in recent years, as the GoPro Hero range has been well received critically and is particularly popular with skiers and divers. The portable design of the GoPro Hero 4, along with its outstanding portfolio of features, made the product irresistible to many consumers.

However, one particular bugbear of the previous iteration of the GoPro Hero series was the fact that frame rates associated with the device could be sluggish. This has caused issues with some of the photo-capturing which people have experienced in real-world settings, and this is an element of the camera’s functionality which GoPro will be looking to address this time out.

GoPro Hero5: 8K video capture

Already there are rumors that the new GoPro Hero5 device will boast a frame rate of 60 per second in HD resolution. This has impressed the community following the device, but recent reports which suggest that the company is also thinking about including a scarcely believable 8K video capture option has certainly created a great deal of buzz as well.

At this point in time, one must be honest and say that it is difficult to imagine how 8K video can be utilized. There is a distinct lack of 4K content available at the moment, and this certainly hasn’t become a mainstream element of consumer electronics as of yet. Of course, if one were to produce 4K video content then there is no shortage of televisions available to display it, so the 4K video capturing capabilities of the GoPro Hero5 certainly won’t be wasted.

But although the 8K television standard was approved in August, 2012, one would certainly struggle to find such a device available on the Western market. Up until now, the only display in a mainstream electronic device to really exceed 4K is that of the 5K retina iMac.

However, this is not the only new feature of this latest version of the GoPro Hero. GoPro has ensured that faster upload and response times are possible by upgrading the Bluetooth in the device to 4.0. Additionally, battery life has been significantly improved via the fitting of a more powerful battery, which will be a massive boon to the functionality of the camera. Battery life is a perpetual issue for a wide range of consumer electronics devices, particularly as they become increasingly complex and powerful. So a battery with greater capabilities will certainly please potential punters.

Diving community targeted

It is also clear that GoPro is targeting the diving community with the device, as the GoPro Hero5 will feature an increased diving capacity from 30 to 60 feet. This promises the ability to shoot some quite spectacular footage underwater, and it is surely something that will find particular favor with both amateur and professional divers.

As with all consumer electronics products, pricing for the GoPro Hero5 will be all important. The current black and silver versions of the Hero 4 are at $499 and $399, respectively, and there will be pressure on GoPro to deliver something similar when it releases the next iteration in the GoPro Hero series.

Despite this patent surfacing, analysts that follow the camera industry closely believe that the GoPro Hero5 will be released sometime late in 2015. Based on the portfolio of features and what we know about the device thus far, it certainly seems like one worth waiting for if you’re an action camera enthusiast.

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