Couple Finds GoPro Inc Cam At The Bottom Of Lake Powell And Returns It

A Colorado couple found a GoPro camera 40-feet under the Lake Powell on New Year’s Day and returned it to its owner. Dan Burkovskiy had lost his expensive GoPro during a cross-country trip with his three best friends in July 2014. A road trip across the United States was always on Burkovskiy’s bucket list. But he was surprised earlier this week when Allisa and Mark Oliger of Durango contacted him to return his camera after six months.

Couple Finds GoPro Inc Cam At The Bottom Of Lake Powell And Returns It

GoPro survives six months in Lake Powell

Burkovskiy’s some of the most adventurous moments were safe in the camera. The Durango couple diving in Lake Powell found the camera at the bottom of the lake six months after Burkovskiy dropped it. They were completely amazed by the discovery. When they found it, the camera was covered in zebra mussels. Allisa removed it from the protective case, and saw that the camera was still intact.

Allisa and Mark Oliger pulled out the memory card. They found dozens of videos and pictures that were part of a cross-country road trip. Before he lost the camera, Burkovskiy had traveled from Massachusetts to California; visited Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore and more. One of the images included a list of destinations.

With the help of social media, they were able to track down Burkovskiy. Then they mailed back the camera to its rightful owner. Burkovskiy was grateful. He said his GoPro camera was inside a kayak that tipped over in the Lake Powell.

Octopus steals GoPro camera

Adventure enthusiasts use GoPro’s action cameras to capture their adventures. Some use them to study animal behavior. Octopus is considered a very intelligent invertebrate. Recently, a sneaky octopus used its smarts for some evil adventure. Jeff Forgeron had placed his GoPro in a rock pool. Unfortunately for Forgeron, a sneaky octopus spotted his action camera being placed and decided to run away with it. However, Jeff was able to recover it after a few minutes of searching.