Small Business Dreams

Small Business Dreams

Looking at google search trends and  and what it can tell us about entrepreneurship in America

Whether it be a record label, dog walking business, or restaurant, people all across the country have small business fantasies that they have thought of starting. But what are people thinking about starting the most?

Bid-On-Equipment looked into Google search trends types of small businesses across the country. They then broke the information down into state-by-state data to see which states are searching different businesses more than other states.

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Clothing line is   #1 on Google search trends for small businesses across the country bringing in over 8,500 searches a month. The east coast states of Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island are searching clothing lines more than other states in that part of the country.

Restaurants come in second place drawing in nearly 6,000 searches a month, and food trucks come in right behind in third place. North Carolina, Indiana, Utah and Arizona are looking into food trucks more than other states across the country.

Record labels lands in fourth for the most searched small business type, with Nebraska looking into it more than other states tend to.

The Midwest is looking into group homes more than most of the country, with Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin searching it more than others.

New Jersey and Massachusetts are searching dog walking businesses more than other parts of the country.

Bid-On-Equipment then went on to call out other small business facts, including the best states to start a small business. North Carolina earned the top stop according to information from the Small Business Administration and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Utah comes in second with being the best state when it comes to access to capital. Montana was named the fifth best state to start a business with startup activity being the second most common across the country.

Massachusetts rounds out the top 10 Google search trends list but landed in first place for quality of life and second place for access to capital.

As far as jobs expected to grow most by 2024, wind turbine service technicians is the number one job according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Various forms in elderly care also earn spots in the top 10 including occupational therapy assistants, physical therapy assistants, home health aides and nurse practitioners. A less talked about job that landed on the list is commercial divers.

Data from a 2015 Insider Monkey report states that bookkeeping, computer repair and car repair are the most common small businesses.

Data from Google search trends, shows us that small businesses continue to be on the rise across the country. It is interesting to see how different states compare when looking at what small business types their residents are looking into more than others. From breweries to group homes, people are constantly looking to learn more about their ultimate small business dreams.

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