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Our so-called smartphones are already smart, but we still need to manually keep tabs on some important things like how much battery life and data usage is left. Talking about the data usage particularly, we really don’t want any nasty surprises when we get our monthly bill in hand. So if you want to track your data usage, and ensure that you don’t go beyond your data plan, then here’s an iPhone app for that, and the best part is that it’s free for a limited time.

Track data usage on iPhone with Dataman Next

DataMan Next is a data usage monitoring application that tracks your data usage in real-time. It offers a clean and beautiful user interface that’s in line with the new iOS 7. The application not only keeps track of your data usage, but also forecasts whether you’ll stay within your cap or not.

These days, a lot of data is used for watching videos online on sites like YouTube, and also by installing and updating mobile apps. When unlimited data plans were common, there was no need for using any such app, but then carriers slowly started to increase their data prices and that’s why using such an app can in-turn lower your data costs.

The application displays real-time statistics which are directly obtained from iOS. This means that no more you would need to wait for your carrier to update. You can track cellular (LTE/4G/3G) and Wi-Fi connections too. You can add monthly, or weekly plans in the app, and it also automatically resets on the bill cycle date.

The app usually costs $1.99 but for a limited time, you’ll get it for free. This is no doubt a beautiful app, and will definitely help you to lower your data charges by keeping a check on your usage.

Download DataMan Next from here

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