Infographic: How freelancers are changing America’s economy

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It’s estimated that 94% of the 10 million jobs created in the United States in the past 10 years are either temp or freelance. However, only 34%  of the US workers are freelancers. Why are companies loving freelancers? Why are companies not hiring as many full-time employees as they used to? Well… it is directly related to costs. Every company saves 30% every time they hire a freelancer. The reason: Freelancers are not employees; therefore, companies do not have to cover any employees expenses when they hire freelancers; and the best part, freelancers get the job done the same way employees do.

Regular schedules are obsolete nowadays, currently companies function around tasks and deadlines. It also saves employers valuable time since they don’t have to directly manage  freelancer workers.

Being 20 to 30K the average income for full-time freelancer workers, America’s freelance workforce earned $1 Trillion in 2016. Web Design, search engine optimization, coding, customer service, digital marketing, app development, blog management and email marketing are the most in-demand freelancer workers skills. Those tasks are the easiest to outsource.

The freelancer workers platforms are also making good money by getting a percentage of the freelancers’ earnings. UpWork, the most popular freelance platform in the United States, posts three million job every single year. has more than 21 million users and PeoplePerHour has a list of over 180K freelancer workers ready to work. Hubstaff Talent is a completely free to use and has over 36,000 qualified freelancers with profiles on their platform.

Freelancers are changing the economy in America and the rest of the world. But it seems to be a smooth process in which both freelancer workers and companies are getting benefits from. The way Millennials measure success is by looking at the freedom they have both personally and professionally, and freelance gives them not only money, but also flexibility and the opportunity to work as much as they want from wherever they are.

29 Facts Every Freelancer Needs to Know About is an infographic presented by DigPerformance with interesting facts and statistics that will make you think about your career path. Are you the next freelancer workers?


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