Foxconn Worker Sketches PS4 NEO

Foxconn Worker Sketches PS4 NEO
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As excitement builds around the PS4 Neo console, rumors and speculation continue to fly.

The Sony PS4 Neo is set to go into battle with rivals from Microsoft and Nintendo when it is released. There have been no official announcements on the capabilities of the console, or how it will look, but we have now seen a sketch of the PS4 Neo on Chinese forum A9VG.

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PS4 NEO design seen in sketch

The sketch was made by a worker at supplier Foxconn, the biggest contract electronics manufacturer in the world. At present the company makes the Sony PlayStation 3 & 4, Apple’s iPad/iPhone/iPod, Microsoft’s Xbox One and the Amazon Kindle.

By the looks of things the PS4 Neo will blend design elements from the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 2. According to the source the console will be a bit thicker than the PlayStation 4, and will also weigh slightly more. With the rumored increases in computational power, this all makes sense.

If you want a lighter, thinner console then the PS4 Slim will be the choice for you. It is thought that the console will be announced at a PlayStation Meeting in New York City soon. The event will also be live streamed.

Sony to release PS4 NEO and PS4 Slim

The leak of the sketch inspired some Neogaf users to make some more detailed mock-ups of the PS4 Neo. The first was made by xenorevils, also known as Peter Srgura, and the second is the work of artsi.


As things stand this is evidently just a rumor. However as we move closer to the official announcement, it becomes more likely that leaks are trustworthy. It was previously believed that the PS4 Neo would be released in 2017, but it is now looking likely that the new console will appear sometime this year. It may even go on sale in time for Thanksgiving.

According to a leak from an official document, the PS4 NEO will have an 8 core Jaguar CPU at 2.1 Ghz, coupled with a GPU of 36 Compute Units at 911 Mhz. This will be backed up by 8 GB GDR5 RAM at 218 GB/s. While this sounds impressive, there is also a chance that the final model could be even more powerful.

Sony and Microsoft set for another face off

French website GamesBlog revealed that the PS4 NEO will be officially announced at a PlayStation Meeting in NYC on September 7. The website is well-known for its quality sources.

As such it looks likely that we will soon get some more details on the console. Up to now information has been thin on the ground.

However it looks as though the new console will support 4K displays, boast a more stable frame rate, better graphics fidelity, more graphics features and more. Earlier reports claim that PlayStation games that ship from October 2016 will support PS4 Neo.

At the same time Microsoft is working on its Xbox Scorpio, which it hopes will blow the PS4 Neo out of the water in terms of power. Sony currently leads the market in games consoles, but Microsoft is pinning its hopes on the Xbox Scorpio to change that fact. Microsoft is suggesting that the Xbox Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever produced, but the main challenge will be producing something so powerful that people can afford to buy.

With the Nintendo NX console also in the pipeline, things are shaping up for an interesting period for gaming fans.


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