Facebook Users Have 7 Days To Vote On Keeping User Voting Rights


Facebook users now have seven days, starting from today, to vote on whether they will continue to be able to vote on proposed changes to the site’s governance policies.

Facebook Users Have 7 Days To Vote On Keeping User Voting Rights

The social media giant initially came under fire after it proposed changes for its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Data Use Policy, so it has amended those proposed changes. ValueWalk covered those initial changes less than two weeks ago.

Last month Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said it was considering dumping the voting system, which currently applies to site governance changes, so users are essentially voting on whether they will get to keep voting on future site governance changes.

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Consumer groups have come out against Facebook’s push to do away with the voting system, saying that it violates a settlement the social media giant made with the Federal Trade Commission last year. That agreement said Facebook would submit to audits by an independent third party for the next two decades.

At least 30 percent of all Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users must vote against the proposed changes in order for them to fail. TechCrunch’s Josh Constine speculates that such a massive turnout on the site is unlikely, so he predicts that this will be the last time Facebook users will ever vote on whether the site makes major changes.

In addition to the proposed change in ability to vote on future governance changes, Facebook users will also vote on if Facebook can share data both to and from all of its affiliates, including Instagram. Other proposals include allowing Facebook to change who can contact you through its messaging system and clarification on who is allowed to view your information after it’s hidden from your Timeline.

To view Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s proposed changes in their entirety, click here. To vote on those changes, click here. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will also be hosting a live webcast Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. PST for those who want to ask specific questions about these changes.

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