Facebook Hoax: RIP Michael Schumacher Page Removed


A Facebook page suggesting that Formula 1 racing legend Michael Schumacher has died was only a hoax and has now been taken down. The page was called RIP Michael Schumacher. Nearly 20,000 people liked the Facebook page before it was removed.

Facebook Hoax: RIP Michael Schumacher Page Removed

Schumacher improving after accident

Schumacher did suffer a serious head injury in a skiing accident on Sunday and was listed in critical condition on Monday. However, today CNN reports that doctors have said he is improving. Doctors operated on the racing legend last night, enabling some of the pressure on his brain to be relieved. The surgery lasted approximately two hours, and doctors reported moving a large hematoma. At this point, Schumacher is still in a medically induced coma.

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Doctors said they decided to perform the surgery after a scan on Monday showed that Michael Schumacher’s condition was improving. They said it is still too soon to speculate on whether he will survive and that he is still in a very fragile state. Doctors reportedly remain far from optimistic about whether the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1 racing will survive, and if so, what condition he will be in later.

More details about Schumacher’s accident released

Today Schumacher’s manager provided more details on how the skiing accident occurred. Those details were collected from family and friends who were there when it happened. They were reportedly skiing in an area where the snow was deep, and the racer was helping a friend who had fallen down. Then he took off and tried to turn but apparently hit a rock which was underneath the snow.

He ended up being catapulted into the air and then fell with his head down onto another rock. Because Schumacher was not traveling very fast, those who were there were surprised by how badly his head injury was. Doctors said it wasn’t about the speed at which Michael Schumacher was traveling. Rather, it was the angel at which his head hit the rock.

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