The Most Expensive Skyscrapers In The World

The Most Expensive Skyscrapers In The World

Skyscrapers are viewed as a symbol of cultural expression, as new designs and spectacular heights define these enormous buildings. These architectural marvels are usually the work of collaboration, including investors, architects, and builders. While the costs to construct a skyscraper have climbed over the past decade, the recent acceleration in expenses reflected in Saudi Arabia’s desire to create the world’s largest clock tower has created a sharp trajectory for dazzling skyscraper expenses.

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Ranking Top 16 Most Expensive Skyscrapers

1. Abraj Al Bait Towers - Cost to Build: $15 Billion - Saudi Arabia

This building was completed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 2012 and boasts a clock-tower and features a hotel.

2. Marina Bay Sand - Cost to Build: $5.7 Billion - Singapore

This building was completed in Singapore in 2010 and is home to a spectacular hotel and retail empire.

3. The Wynn Resorts - Cost to Build: $4.1 Billion - USA

This building was completed in Las Vegas Nevada in 2005 and is the world’s most expensive hotel and casino.

4. The Cosmopolitan - Cost to Build: $3.9 Billion - USA

This hotel was erected in Las Vegas Nevada in 2010 and has two towers, both of which are 603 feet tall.

5. The World Trade Center - Cost to Build: $3.8 Billion - USA

The Freedom tower stands in the place of the former World Trade Center, in New York City, boasting the largest commercial real estate center in the United States.

6. The Venetian Hotel - Cost to Build: $2.4 Billion - China

A hotel and casino was completed in 2005 and owned by the Las Vegas who has a sister hotel in Las Vegas.

7. The Princess Tower - Cost to Build:  $2.17 Billion - United Arab Emirates

This residential tower, built in Dubai, was completed in 2012 and is the 24th tallest building in the world.

8. Palazzo Casino - Cost to Build: $2.05 Billion - USA

This casino is the tallest completed building in Las Vegas, representing an Italian Renaissance theme.

9. Taipei 101 - Cost to Build: $1.8 Billion - Taiwan

A building was completed in 2004 in Taipei, Taiwan, and was formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center.

10. London Glass Shard - Cost to Build: $1.5 Billion - U.K

A 95-story skyscraper completed in London, England in 2012. The building is formerly known as the London Bridge Tower.

11. The Burj Khalifa - Cost to Build: $1.5 Billion - United Arab Emirates

This building was completed in 2009 in Dubai and is the tallest structure in the world.

12. European Central Bank - Cost to Build: $1.25 Billion - Germany

The ECB headquarters was completed in 2013, in Frankfurt, Germany, and it's where the central bank determines monetary policy for all members of the Eurozone monetary union.

13. The Kingdom Center - Cost to Build: $1 Billion - Saudi Arabia

The building was completed in 2002, in Riyadh, and is the tallest building in the country. The Kingdom Center is the home of a Four Seasons Hotel and residential apartments.

14. Antilia Skyscraper - Cost to Build: $1 Billion - India

The construction on this skyscraper was completed in 2006 in Mumbai, India. This is a private home that boasts 27 stories and is 568 feet tall.

15. The Petronas Twin Towers - Cost to Build: $1 Billion  - Malaysia

This building was completed in 1999 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was the tallest building in the world from 1998-2004 and is the tallest twin towers.

16. Bank of China - Cost to Build: $1 Billion - China

A state owned Chinese bank and one of the oldest in China. Construction was completed in 1990.

Over 2 decades, the designs used to create mega skyscrapers have become more important than the height of these buildings.  Architects have created extraordinary works of art in skyscrapers, allowing costs to skyrocket. In fact, the most expensive skyscraper, completed in 2012, was nearly 3-times the cost of the prior most expensive building. Since the turn of the century, the most expensive skyscraper has increased 15 fold, setting a very robust trajectory for the future skyscraper costs.

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