Download Kodi 19 Matrix nightly builds for Python 3 add-ons

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The team behind the popular Kodi media software has announced that support for the Python 3 interpreter for add-ons has now arrived in the nightly builds for Kodi 19 Matrix. Thus, if you download the Kodi 19 Matrix nightly builds, you may discover that many of the add-ons no longer work. However, this is a necessary growing pain because Python 2 will reach the end of its life on Jan. 1.

Download Kodi 19 Matrix with Python 3 support

The Kodi team announced almost two years ago that they would be migrating the software from Python 2 to Python 3. They have been advising add-on developers to migrate their add-ons to Python 3 as well, but now, it’s crunch time. The Kodi team also offered this page to explain how to make add-ons work with the new version of Python. If you download the Kodi 19 Matrix nightly builds, then you will see that all Python-based add-ons are now using the Python 3 interpreter.

The Kodi team added that this change will break many add-ons, and much more work must be done before the software will be ready for the end of Python 2’s life. They are advising early uses of version 19 to report problems with individual add-ons via the forum threads for each of them. Many issues have already been reported, so it’s a good idea to read the threads before posting about a problem because the add-ons’ developers may already be aware of the issue.

Call for help

Additionally, some add-ons are no longer being updated because their developers aren’t active any longer. As a result, the Kodi team is calling on anyone with Python skills to get involved by updating any of the popular add-ons that are no longer being maintained.

They are also calling for assistance from developers to help with the migration from Python 2 to 3. They have seen issues with Python 3, especially on all Windows platforms. The version of Kodi for Xbox also requires some work, and some libraries are having problems.

“Things will be a little raw at the edges until we can get these things fixed, so bear with us and if you have skills and can step up and contribute then please do,” the Kodi team wrote.

Click here to download Kodi 18 Leia, which is the current stable version of the popular media software. You’ll have to scroll down to the list of platforms and choose the appropriate platform. That will bring up a box with the recommended build and also the option to choose the nightly builds. To download Kodi 19 Matrix, you will need to check out the forum thread here.

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