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Dollar Dig Review The Best Cash Back Website For Frugal Shoppers

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In June, inflation hit a new high of 9.1%. We’re all feeling squeezed by rising prices and are looking to save money wherever we can. That’s where Dollar Dig comes in. It’s a rebate website that gives you cash back on the everyday essentials you’re already buying.

Unlike some cash back credit cards, Dollar Dig doesn’t charge any annual fees and is completely free to use, which is why it’s a great tool for frugal shoppers.

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Dollar Dig also has some of the highest reward rates of any rebate website, helping you earn more cash back. I recently earned 4% cash back on a hardware item from Walmart that rarely goes on sale, and the process was easy.

All I had to do was click Walmart’s link on Dollar Dig’s website and watch the savings roll in. Keep reading if you want to learn how to start earning rewards through Dollar Dig and find out why many users are calling it the best cash back site on the web.

How Does Dollar Dig Work?

You may be wondering, how can Dollar Dig afford to offer cash back to all of its users for free? Dollar Dig has links to hundreds of retailers on its website, such as Ace Hardware and Macy's. Whenever you click on one of those links and make a purchase, Dollar Dig earns a commission on the sale. Some of that commission is passed on to you in the form of cash back.

To start earning rewards, sign up for a Dollar Dig account. Then find the link to your favorite store using the search bar.

Dollar Dig

Dollar Dig partners with hundreds of retailers such as Green Chef, Home Depot, 1-800 Contacts, and Chewy. With so many shopping options, you'll be able to earn cash back on all the things your family needs.

Dollar Dig

How Long Does It Take For Pending To Clear?

Once you've found the store you're looking for, simply click on the link and shop as you normally would.

Dollar Dig

After you check out, the cash back you earned will show up as pending in your account. This usually happens within 24 hours, but can take up to 10 days depending on the retailer. Your cash back will show as pending until your reward is fully processed, which takes about 90 days.

Once you’ve earned $25 in cash back through Dollar Dig, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Dwolla. If you live in the US, you can also receive your cash back as a gift card or check. The fact that Dollar Dig offers so many redemption options is a big plus.

How Much Can You Earn?

Since each store has a different cash back percentage, your Dollar Dig earnings will depend on where you shop. With that being said, it’s common for Dollar Dig users to score up to 10% cash back or more on their purchases.

Since Dollar Dig gives you a percentage of your purchase amount in cash back, your earnings will also vary based on how much you spend. But try not to spend more than you planned just because you find a great cash back deal. It's best to use Dollar Dig to purchase things you would have bought anyway to maximize your savings and stick to your budget.

Dollar Dig

Speaking of maximizing your savings, Dollar Dig also offers exclusive coupons to help you save even more money! Most of the coupons give you free shipping or a discount at popular stores like Old Navy, Life Is Good, and QVC.

Dollar Dig Pros and Cons


One of the major pros of Dollar Dig is that it offers bigger rebates than other cash back sites in many cases. For example, Dollar Dig currently gives users up to 4% cash back at Walmart, whereas TopCashback only offers 2% on most Walmart purchases (except books, which have a rewards rate of 7%).

Rakuten gives users even less cash back at Walmart than TopCashback—just 1%. I was excited to learn that I could earn more rewards at my favorite stores including Walmart, Kohl’s, Old Navy, and Chewy just by making the switch from Rakuten to Dollar Dig.

Dollar Dig

Another plus is that Dollar Dig is very reliable when it comes to crediting cash back. Blogger Stephen Pepper has used Dollar Dig nearly 70 times. He received his cash back without problems on all but one occasion, so you won’t have to worry about missing cash back. But if you do run into any problems, the customer care team is very responsive and will get your issue sorted out promptly.


The only downside of Dollar Dig compared to competitors is that it doesn’t have an app. Rakuten and TopCashback both have mobile apps that make it easier to shop from your smartphone. But you can still use Dollar Dig on a regular mobile browser—I tried it out and it worked well.

The fact that Dollar Dig doesn't spend money on app maintenance is probably why they can afford to offer a higher cash back rate than competitors. At the end of the day, I’d rather have more cash back in my pocket than a fancy mobile app!

Dollar Dig Reviews

Dollar Dig

Overall, Dollar Dig has very positive reviews. The website earned 4.4 stars on Trustpilot and a rating of excellent. Several reviewers praised the company’s top-notch customer service and said any issues they had were resolved quickly. One person even said the customer care team is the best one they’ve ever interacted with.

Other reviewers stated that the site is hassle-free and trustworthy, has the highest rebates, and is overall the best cash back site on the web. There were only one or two reviews from people who had trouble getting their cash back, which received quick responses from the customer care team. So rest assured that if something goes wrong with your cash back, you’ll get the help you need.

My Experience With Dollar Dig

My experience with Dollar Dig has also been positive. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. There are plenty of stores to choose from, including all my favorite big-box retailers and fun specialty stores like gourmet tea shops. I love the wide variety of redemption options and the fact that there are multiple ways to save with coupons, rebates, and free shipping offers.

The only problem I ran into was a minor technical issue when I tried to sign up for an account on my computer. Dollar Dig said it detected a VPN and prompted me to disable it even though I don’t use one. I didn’t see anyone else mention this issue, so it was likely a user error on my part.

I signed up on my phone and made my purchase in a mobile browser instead, which worked perfectly. I bought a $24 router bit from Walmart and earned 4% cash back on it.

Hardware rarely goes on sale, so I was thrilled to get a discount on a tool I would’ve purchased anyway. I’m eagerly awaiting my cash back, which is already pending, and plan to use Dollar Dig for more online purchases in the future!

Dollar Dig

Who Should Use Dollar Dig?

After trying out Dollar Dig, I think everyone should use it! It’s a simple, straightforward way to earn cash back on the everyday essentials you’re already buying. However, if you prefer to shop in person, Dollar Dig may not be right for you because it requires you to buy your items online.

Rakuten gives you the option to link your credit card to your account so you can earn rewards on in-store purchases, so you may want to explore that option instead. Alternatively, you could scope out the items you want to buy in person and then place your order online through Dollar Dig.

Dollar Dig: A Great Way to Save Money

Dollar Dig

All in all, using Dollar Dig is a great way to save money—as long as you use it to purchase things you already planned on buying. You shouldn’t impulse buy items you don’t really need just because Dollar Dig is offering a high rewards rate on them. If cash back apps cause you to overspend, then they aren’t really saving you money.

But if you can practice restraint and only use Dollar Dig to purchase necessities you’ve budgeted for, then it’s a great tool to add to your personal finance arsenal. Saving up to 10% or more on everyday essentials can make a big difference in your budget, especially as costs continue to rise due to inflation. Plus, Dollar Dig is free to use, which you can’t say about other money-saving methods like rewards credit cards.

Rewards credit cards often require you to pay an annual fee and charge you a high APR if you carry a balance. Dollar Dig gives you just as much cash back as most rewards credit cards and doesn’t cost you a thing. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today using the link below!

Have you ever used Dollar Dig before? If you have, be sure to share your experience in the comments section!

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Come back to what you love! Dollardig.com is the most reliable cash-back site on the web. Just sign up, click, shop, and get full cashback!

Article by Vicky Monroe, SavingAdvice.com