Disable Last Seen Message On Facebook Chat In Chrome

Disable Last Seen Message On Facebook Chat In Chrome

The social networking giant Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) helps us to stay in touch with our friends, family and relatives, regardless of where they are located. Facebook has always kept messaging as simple as possible, but because of a small change back in 2012, the same messaging experience can lead you to some awkward situations. The feature that I am talking about is the “Seen” indicator that automatically marks every message as seen once you read your message on the web or on mobile app.

In situations where the message is critical and time sensitive, this may be very useful as you would know that the message is indeed delivered and read by your chat partner. However, in some cases when you may want to ignore the message, or don’t want to reply to it at the moment, and that’s where it can create some awkward situations. If you don’t reply to that message then your chat partner would know that you’ve seen the message, and you’re knowingly ignoring the message. This can create a bad impression.

Previously, we’ve seen an Android app called Privy Chat for Facebook that allows you to read messages with being ‘seen’. While that method applies to only Android smartphones or tablets, here’s a new method that might interest you if you’re using the Chrome desktop browser.

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Enter Facebook Unseen, a Chrome extension for the same purpose, that lets you disable the “seen” indicator on Facebook, and apart from that, it also disables the “typing” indicator. Smart, isn’t it?

The extension can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store

The extension can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store and once installed, you don’t need to do any configuration. You’ll be able to see a new button on the toolbar and by default, it would be in blue color. This means that the extension is active, and it will block Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) from marking the message as seen.


You can click on the button to disable this functionality, or right-click on it to remove from Chrome or open Options page. From the Options page, you can configure this extension as per your wish. You can check mark on “Block the seen feature of the chat” and “Block the typing indicator of the chat” to perform respective actions. From the “Support” section, you might like to remove the option to show ads on Facebook.

Install the Facebook Unseen extension from Chrome Web Store

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