Deadly Police Shooting In Louisiana Leaves 2 Police Officers Dead

Deadly Police Shooting In Louisiana Leaves 2 Police Officers Dead

St John The Baptist Parish head Sheriff Mike Tregre nearly broke down, as he made a press announcement today, stating that 2 of his officers had been killed and another wounded during a shootout early this morning. ABC news reports of the incident, and the scene was definitely a grisly one.

 Deadly Police Shooting In Louisiana Leaves 2 Police Officers Dead

The shootout started when an officer, who was performing a routine patrol of a parking lot, was gunned down by attackers around 5:00 AM CDT. The officer sustained multiple gunshot wounds, but was able to radio for help and give an accurate description of the vehicle the suspects fled the scene in.

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A short time later, a call was received from a civilian, reporting a speeding vehicle, which matched the description given by the officer. Sherriff’s Deputies, Brandon Neilsen, 34, and Jeremy Triche, 28, responded to the call. They managed to track the vehicle to a local trailer park and prepared to question the suspects.

Tregre says they knocked on the door, and the first suspect came to the door, as officers were questioning him, they noticed a second suspect who was fully clothed, lying under a blanket. They asked the man to step out where they could see him, and as they did so, a third man exited through the back door of the house and ambushed them. He opened fire with a fully automatic weapon, and the ambush left both officers dead.

Tregre told reporters that he believes all of the suspects were subsequently arrested, and that public safety was intact. The Louisiana State Police is now leading the investigation, with the support of St. John The Baptist Sheriff Department assisting them. Tregre assured the public that he had the tools and the manpower needed to conduct the investigation, and that they would be working to complete the investigation.

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