Davos: Collaboration In A Fragmented World

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TBD Media Group reports live from Davos

Under the slogan “Collaboration in a Fragmented World,” world leaders are gathering in Davos to discuss the future of our planet. TBD Media Group is currently on the ground to find out how forward-thinking solutions can be advanced and the most pressing global challenges can be addressed through public-private collaboration.

The DAVOS 2023 Campaign

Each year, the community of Davos in the Swiss Alps opens its doors to gather influential figures from around the world. This highly anticipated event provides heads of state, top CEOs and leading experts with an important platform to advance pressing issues, potential solutions and new thinking needed for a more equitable and sustainable future.

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos aims to offer itself as a booster for international cooperation. According to the WEF, the economy needs a "Great Reset" for a more resilient future. With this initiative, it calls for a multi-stakeholder governance approach to make global decisions in "coalitions" with multinational corporations and civil society organisations.

TBD Media Group is pleased to launch the DAVOS 2023 campaign, to cover the many experts and decision-makers from around the world, participating in this year's forum. The renowned production company TBD Media Group, returned to Davos to collect a series of case studies and short documentaries about business leaders, facilitating an open debate and discussion.

The interviews are being moderated by Andrew Wilson, former Sky News foreign correspondent with extensive international reporting experience, and Rosanna Lockwood, professional broadcast journalist and presenter. They are speaking with mobility experts and energy providers, as well as space companies and crypto data specialists, to gain insights into the role of digitization in shaping society and infrastructure around the world.

The content compiled as part of this campaign, is being broadcast in partnership with a major multinational news brand in January 2023 during the Forum, to provide context and transparency of what is happening globally.

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