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How to Buy Tremp – 2024 Buying Guide

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Doland Tremp ($TREMP) is a crypto meme coin released in March 2024, in a growing category known as ‘PolitiFi’. The Solana network coin is currently up over 700% from its all-time lows in March, partly due to Donald Trump’s recent prominence in the news headlines.

With the US presidential elections set to take place in November, many are wondering if $TREMP could be poised for a major rally. In this guide, we will review some key features of the Doland Trump project and provide an illustrated step-by-step guide on how to buy Tremp.

How to Invest in Tremp: Step-by-step guide

Outlined below are the four simple steps to buy Tremp (Doland Tremp) via a tier-1 cryptocurrency exchange.

Due to the token’s decentralized nature, it is strongly recommended that you do your own research and assess your own risk appetite before investing in cryptocurrencies.

Step 1: Download Kraken and create a new account

Our experts have opted for Kraken for this demonstration. Kraken is a compliant and highly-trusted global cryptocurrency exchange that provides trading services to more than 190 countries worldwide, offering crypto trading services and on/off ramping from fiat to over 10 million clients.

Firstly, Download Kraken from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and click ‘Create Account’. For this demonstration, we used an iOS mobile device.

Create a crypto trading account on Kraken
Source: Kraken

Step 2: Set a password and activate your account

Enter the email address that will be the primary address linked to your account, and set a secure password using a mix of capitals, numbers, and special characters. You will then need to provide your primary country of residence.

Set a secure password on Kraken
Source: Kraken

Next, Kraken will request that you activate your account. You will receive an email with an ‘Activate Account’ button. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the code provided into the activation box on the Kraken app.

Your account will now be activated successfully.

Kraken account activation email to verify account
Source: Kraken

Step 3: Provide personal details and risk assessment

At the next stage, you must enter your personal details, including your full name, date of birth, and address. You will also be required to answer some risk assessment questions to confirm you understand that cryptos are more high-risk and volatile than traditional investment classes.

Once completed, your account will be paused for 24 hours until you can buy, sell, or trade cryptos.

Once the 24-hour period has passed, you will have full access to Kraken’s features. The next task is to connect a funding method to your account.

Step 4: Buy Tremp via USD with a bank account

Expert Tip: Kraken conveniently allows users to buy Tremp directly with fiat and supports purchasing with EUR and USD.

Kraken allows users to buy Tremp coin directly with a fiat pair, such as USD. Therefore, you will not need to buy a crypto first, such as Solana or Bitcoin, in order to make a swap.

Now, navigate to the ‘Buy Crypto’ section on the Kraken app. You will see an exchange window to immediately buy your selected crypto with a bank account.

Enter the amount in your chosen currency, which you will use to buy Tremp coin. In the second box, select $TREMP from the drop-down list of cryptos.

How to buy Tremp on Kraken crypto exchange
Source: Kraken

Click ‘Buy Doland Tremp’ and select your desired payment method. Kraken supports ApplePay and GooglePay, although purchase limits may apply. Processing times will vary depending on which method you use.

Once completed, your newly purchased $TREMP will appear in your Kraken portfolio in the wallet balances section.

Other ways to invest in Tremp

Below, find a table listing other methods of buying TREMP. There are centralized, decentralized, and direct in-wallet options.

MEXC – Crypto exchange with low trading feesYou can buy $TREMP on MEXC, a crypto exchange popularized for low trading fees. MEXC allows you to trade $TREMP with the $USDT trading pair. To buy Tremp from MEXC, you will need to on-ramp with fiat to $USDT, then swap for $TREMP.
DEX – Using a Solana network non-custodial walletYou can buy Tremp on decentralized exchange platforms such as Raydium, Jupiter, or Orca. Using decentralized exchanges (DEX), you can buy crypto without registering on an exchange. In order to buy $TREMP on DEX, you will need to create a crypto wallet compatible with the Solana network.
Crypto Wallet – Using Phantom, a popular Solana network wallet.Phantom is one of the most widely used crypto wallets among the Solana crypto community. Depending on your region, you can buy crypto directly from a third party within the Phantom wallet. Fees will vary depending on the provider and payment method.

What is Tremp token?

Doland Tremp is a Solana network meme coin with the ticker $TREMP. The project self-proclaims itself as the first presidential meme candidate in the cryptocurrency sector. Tremp birthed a new class of decentralized meme tokens called ‘PolitiFi protocols’.

The team behind Tremp has become popular among the web3 meme community by posting humorous meme videos on X (formerly Twitter). These meme videos mimic Donald Trump, poking fun at real-life current and political affairs.

Tremp coin key facts and figures

  • The self-reported total supply of $TREMP is 99,999,138 tokens, all of which are said to be in public circulation.
  • In March 2024, during the launch phase, the team airdropped 100,000 $TREMP to #Chapter2 preorder token holders.
  • Doland Tremp launched on 28 Feb 2024, defining itself as “the first 2024 Presidential meme-candidate in the space”.
  • MAGA, another token under the ticker $TRUMP surged in price by 500%, synchronously with $TREMP.
  • $TREMP reached an all-time high of $1.65 on 05 Jun 2024, surging 8.8x since 01 May 2024.
  • Doland Tremp token prices have grown by over 1200% since all-time lows.
  • Over 30,000 individual wallets hold $TREMP, according to SolScan blockchain explorer data.

What is the price prediction for Tremp in 2024?

Tremp coin has seen a major price rally since the beginning of May 2024. The token bottomed out at $0.01875 and has since seen huge growth of close to 9,000%. After this momentous increase, the token is now experiencing a correction.

The price of $TREMP is hovering around $0.97 after hitting an all-time high of $1.65 at the start of June. The token price has been fuelled by Donald Trump’s recent presence in the news.

Tremp price chart on CoinMarketCap

Price correction for Doland Tremp

According to the crypto charts, our analysts highlight that $TREMP has had a major price rally since mid-May 2024, after a 5-week price stabilization period from April highs.

After its recent price rally to an all-time high, $TREMP price is retesting the dip level from the previous all-time high ($1.36 on 21 May 2024). Tremp is currently experiencing a retrace, so it will be essential to monitor price levels to see if it gains price stability.

Our analysis also correlated the price runs that led up to the 21 May all-time high. If the $TREMP price doesn’t stabilize at the current level, it could see a downward trajectory to the $0.50 – $0.70 cents range.

Can the Tremp price go higher?

Parodical meme coins tend to follow real-life events, scenarios, and affairs of the people or companies they mimic. As evident with the Solana network token GME, recent events have caused the token to rally over 400% in price.

Our analysts predict that Tremp has the potential to see a 10x price run by the end of 2024 if Donald Trump’s presidential campaign run becomes more popular.

Our analysts also highlighted the low token supply of $TREMP, which is just under 100 million tokens. If a wave of meme enthusiasts from the crypto community buy $TREMP en masse, the token has the potential to experience major price rallies quickly.

VW Spotlight: You can also check out our catalog of step-by-step guides for presales, including PlayDoge, Base Dawgz, and Mega Dice Token, among other cryptos. By providing buying guides, we aim to assist users in better understanding how to navigate the Web3 world and the necessary tools.


Is Tremp a good crypto to buy?

From an objective standpoint, $TREMP seems to be testing support levels. Our analysts foresee a bullish scenario if Donald Trump wins the presidential elections. Due to the risky nature of cryptocurrencies, it is recommended that you do your own research.

How can I earn with Tremp?

According to this blog post, you can stake Tremp via Pendle Finance. You can also provide liquidity to the decentralized market by locking Tremp and Solana into the liquidity pool markets on DEX.

Are Maga ($TRUMP) and Doland Tremp ($TREMP) related?

No, these are two different cryptocurrencies of separate meme coin projects. Maga is native to the Ethereum network, while Tremp is a Solana network cryptocurrency.

Is Tremp safe?

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized by nature. In order to secure your digital assets, you must ensure personal security measures. These include using a mixture of alphanumeric characters for passwords and never sharing your private keys or secret phrases with anybody.


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