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How to Buy 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) – Easy Guide

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99Bitcoins is a popular online learning cryptocurrency platform, launched in the early 2010s. By leveraging $99BTC, the native token, 99Bitcoins is now a Learn-to-Earn crypto ecosystem, where you are rewarded for increasing your crypto knowledge. 

Our how to buy 99Bitcoins guide demonstrates the exact steps necessary to purchase $99BTC through the ongoing presale. We also discuss all the use cases of $99BTC — from its staking yields and airdrops to exclusive access to VIP groups and trading signals. 

Presale homepage for 99Bitcoin

How to Buy 99Bitcoins ($99BTC) Token: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s take a look at how to buy 99Bitcoins through the new presale. Follow the step-by-step guide below to purchase $99BTC now: 

Step 1: Get a Compatible Crypto Wallet 

The 99Bitcoins presale is compatible with certain cryptocurrency wallets, such as MetaMask, Wallet Connect, and Coinbase Wallet. Download your preferred wallet to begin. 

When using a laptop or desktop, simply add the browser extension and create a new account. Alternatively, if you are using an iOS or Android mobile device, download the mobile application. 

MetaMask Wallet

Step 2: Purchase Compatible Tokens

You can swap $99BTC for certain crypto tokens — namely Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and BNB (BNB). If you do not hold any of these tokens, purchase them from a suitable cryptocurrency exchange. 

Transfer the purchased tokens to your crypto wallet. Alternatively, you can directly purchase $99BTC tokens on the presale website with a Credit Card. 

Step 3: Connect the Wallet with the Presale 

Visit the 99Bitcoins presale website and select ‘Connect Wallet.’ Choose your preferred wallet, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect the wallet to the presale website. 

Step 4: Purchase $99BTC Tokens 

Once the wallet is connected, start filling in the purchase details on the order box. Firstly, choose the crypto token with which you want to purchase $99BTC tokens. 

Enter the amount of tokens you wish to purchase, and select ‘Buy Now.’ To directly purchase and stake $99BTC tokens on the smart contract, select the ‘Buy and Stake For Rewards’ option. 

What is 99Bitcoins?

In the early 2010s, 99Bitcoins launched its comprehensive online learning platform. Over the years, it has amassed an organic following of over 700K users, offering 79 hours of crypto courses. 

Now, 99Bitcoins leverages blockchain technology to tokenize its platform into a Learn-to-earn (L2E) ecosystem. The learn-to-earn model refers to combining the acquisition of knowledge with direct financial incentives for various learning activities. 

According to 99Bitcoins, the L2E and move-to-earn space amassed a market value of nearly $9 billion in 2023. By entering this space, 99Bitcoins wants to incentivize learning with the potential to earn stellar rewards. 

This new cryptocurrency will host interactive learning modules through which students can study basic and advanced concepts about the blockchain. The learning matter will consist of modules, seminars, assessments, and quizzes. 

As one progresses through the 99Bitcoins curriculum, they can earn $99BTC, the native token, as rewards. Thus, the multiple use cases could make $99BTC one of the best altcoins in the long term. 

99Bitcoins is built on the Ethereum blockchain but will eventually migrate to the Bitcoin blockchain. Upon doing so, $99BTC will adopt the BRC-20 token standard. BRC-20 takes inspiration from Ethereum’s popular ERC-20 standard, built using the Ordinals protocol

BRC-20 tokens are popular among developers since they can be used to create DApps (Decentralized Applications) and several DeFi (Decentralized Finance) activities within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Therefore, user adoption is expected to grow through this blockchain standard. 

Furthermore, 99Bitcoins could amass a larger following through the upcoming Bitcoin halving, expected to take place in April 2024. The halving will reduce the number of new coins released with each new block. This usually has the effect of increasing the demand and price of Bitcoin.

The need for 99Bitcoins can also grow with an increase in Bitcoin demand. Thus, $99BTC could become one of the next cryptos to explode in 2024 and beyond.

$99BTC Staking and Other Use Cases

Platform members can start receiving $99BTC tokens directly to their cryptocurrency wallets, as they progress through the L2E learning material and assessments. 

$99BTC token holders get exclusive access to additional modules, quizzes, and tutorials, making your learning experience more enjoyable and worthwhile. Depending on how many tokens you hold, 99Bitcoins also offers you exclusive access to expert trading signals on the ecosystem. 

These trading signals can help users stay ahead of the fast-paced markets. Over time, it will help you improve your ability to initiate top trades in the crypto space. Along with the signals, 99Bitcoins provides a proper analysis of trading decisions. 

This is backed with tutorials on how to implement trading strategies and manage risk. Other benefits include access to VIP groups, where you can learn from like-minded individuals and share new ideas. 

Moreover, 99Bitcoins members can earn additional $99BTC tokens through community contributions. You can earn rewards by creating content and participating in community-driven projects. You can also share ideas in peer-to-peer support forums. 

One of the main earning opportunities on 99Bitcoins arises from its staking mechanism. Existing $99BTC token holders can stake their holdings into a secure smart contract. At the time of writing, you can stake-and-earn $99BTC with over 5,800% APYs (Annual Percentage Yields). 

More than 186 million tokens have been locked on the smart contract. Thus, not only can token holders earn further tokens, but the 99Bitcoins network is also secured, and helps provide further liquidity. 

Due to all these reasons, 99Bitcoins could be the next crypto that will make you rich


$99BTC has a total supply of 99 billion tokens. The tokenomics has been done to ensure a fair distribution of tokens to early investors while setting aside additional tokens for community-driven incentives and long-term earning opportunities. 

For the ongoing presale, 99Bitcoins has allocated 10.5% of its total supply (10.395 million tokens). One of the best active crypto ICOs in recent times, 99Bitcoins has raised more than $360K in just a few days since launch. 

At the time of writing, $99BTC is priced at $0.001 per token. Post the presale, another 8% of the supply will be used to maintain liquidity on decentralized and centralized exchanges. A further 14% of the supply will be offered to staked token holders as staking rewards. 

The rewards will be distributed through a staking pool over the next two years. 27.50% of the supply will be used for future project funds, including new platform features and potential expansion opportunities. 

17% of the supply will be offered through community rewards. This will mainly be in the form of token rewards through the L2E ecosystem. The final 23% will be used to market the project. Despite the multiple use cases, 99Bitcoins must establish a strong online presence to gain traction and assert global dominance. 

For more information on this cryptocurrency, read the 99Bitcoins whitepaper


99Bitcoins has planned its future launches and key platform updates across the following roadmap phases: 

  • Phase 1 (Q2 2024) – The ongoing phase is focusing on the $99BTC presale launch. By the end of Q2 2024, 99Bitcoins will also work on staking functionality and start building the learn-to-earn platform. 
  • Phase 2 (Q3 2024) – The following project phase will start with the presale claim, allowing investors to get access to their $99BTC tokens. The cryptocurrency will also conduct its decentralized exchange listing. More information surrounding the L2E space will be provided by Q3 2024. 
  • Phase 3 (Q4 2024) – The final quarter of 2024 will start with $99BTC’s first centralized exchange listing. The crypto trading signals will be given to exclusive members, and we will get the first glimpse of the L2E environment through the beta version. Bridging to the BRC-20 blockchain standard will also begin.  
  • Phase 4 (Beyond 2024) – In the long-term, 99Bitcoins will bridge to the Bitcoin blockchain. All the above-mentioned platform features will be complete, and the ecosystem will focus on content expansion and strategic collaborations. 

3 Reasons to Buy 99Bitcoins – Key Takeaways

Let’s take a look at three key reasons to purchase $99BTC during the presale: 

  • Learn-and-Earn – Through 99Bitcoin’s Learn2Earn concept, you can get free tokens by completing assessments, quizzes, and modules. 
  • Staking Benefits – Purchase $99BTC, stake your holdings, and earn steady passive income. Currently, the platform offers over 5,800% annual yields.
  • Presale & Airdrop – Early presale investors can buy $99BTC for only $0.001 per token. 99Bitcoins is rewarding 99 lucky community members with $99K worth of tokens through its airdrop. 

Stay updated with all new platform updates by joining the 99Bitcoins Telegram channel


This how to buy 99Bitcoins guide has shown readers how to join the $99BTC token presale. A utility token, $99BTC can be earned as a reward by progressing through this Learn2Earn crypto’s curriculum. 

Furthermore, token holders get high staking yields, access to VIP groups, and expert trading signals. Currently, $99BTC can be purchased on presale for $0.001 per token. 


What is 99Bitcoins? 

99Bitcoins is a Learn-to-Earn cryptocurrency platform. Users can engage in interactive modules and seminars and earn $99BTC tokens as a reward. $99BTC will migrate to the Bitcoin blockchain and adopt the BRC-20 token standard. The token can be staked to generate huge annual yields. 

How do I Buy 99Bitcoins? 

Set up a compatible crypto wallet — either MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or Wallet Connect. Fund your wallet with either USDT, ETH, or BNB tokens, and connect it with the 99Bitcoins presale website. Enter the number of tokens you wish to purchase and confirm the transaction.


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