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9 Best Crypto Telegram Groups to Join in 2024

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Telegram has become one of the go-to apps for crypto investors of all levels. It became particularly popular around 2017, when crypto information was being censored across traditional platforms.

In this article, we outline the 9 best crypto Telegram groups for community insights and regular updates on crypto market trends.

Our picks of the top cryptocurrency Telegram groups in 2024

Below are our top 9 picks for the best crypto Telegram groups in 2024.

  1. Crypto Bull – This channel offers crypto market insights with in-depth token charting analysis and applied indicators.
  2. Binance Signals – Get free Binance tokens and other crypto signals. This Telegram channel has over 100k subscribers.
  3. VirtualBacon Insider – Summarizes weekly news updates on the crypto markets and provides educational content.
  4. Coin Bureau Insider – Daily news and insights into the latest cryptocurrency market news and trends.
  5. DeFi Million – One of the largest DeFi Telegram channels with over 350k subscribers sharing insights into the world of DeFi, NFTs and crypto
  6. ICO Analytics – Regularly publishes insights into new crypto listings, airdrops, and upcoming presales
  7. Wolfx Signals – A free signals group, with a VIP paid channel providing crypto, forex, and commodities trading signals
  8. 100eyes Crypto Scanner – Frequently shares crypto charting with applied technical analysis indicators.
  9. Generation Crypto – Open chat group with active community sharing crypto alpha and web3 insights daily.

A closer look at the crypto signals Telegram groups to join in 2024

Read on for our in-depth reviews of each crypto-centric Telegram channel and group, and learn more about what you may find there.

1. Crypto Bull – Offers frequent crypto token charting and technical analysis

Crypto Bull is a free Telegram channel offering crypto market insights. With over 95,000 subscribers, it frequently publishes crypto token charts.

Although the channel posts updates and analysis on top-market-cap coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, its recent focus has been on low-mid-cap market-moving cryptocurrencies.

Technical Analysis on Crypto Bull Telegram Channel
Source: ValueWalk

The crypto bull Telegram is one of the best free crypto signals groups. The style of its technical analysis is very simplistic and easy to digest.

On some occasions, the channel also posts signals and results from leveraged trades, mostly using standard 10x leverage.

The following signals should always be approached with caution, and it’s recommended that you do your own research on them.

Type of Telegram GroupChannel with signals
Subscription feeFree
Subscriber count87.3K

2. Binance Signals – Binance and crypto trading signals free of charge

Binance Signals is one of the oldest crypto signals Telegram channels. The channel has over 117,000 subscribers who receive daily cryptocurrency trading signals completely free of charge.

Binance Signals ranks as one of the best crypto signals Telegram channels, providing not only charting with technical analysis but also timeframes and extra observation comments. This is beneficial to traders as it gives reasoning-based signals and a suggestive expected trade timeframe.

Crypto Signals on Telegram from Binance Signals
Source: ValueWalk

The primary technical indicator used in charting analytics is the Fibonacci retrace indicator. This provides critical support and resistance levels, as well as entry and exit points.

Some signals are leveraged trades, or long/short trades, as opposed to basic crypto market trades.

It is recommended never to risk what you cannot afford to lose and approach leverage trading with vigilance.

Type of Telegram GroupChannel with signals
Subscription feeFree
Subscriber count149K

3. VirtualBacon Insider – Crypto educator and analyst providing daily crypto market summaries

VirtualBacon is a cryptocurrency analyst, educator, and investor. This analyst’s Telegram channel boasts over 11,900 subscribers

Following this channel will enable you to receive daily crypto market news in the form of short digest summaries paired with the PR news source. VirtualBacon also makes an effort to discuss the latest blockchain trends and market narratives.

Crypto Telegram Channel Virtual Bacon
Source: ValueWalk

VirtualBacon also has a trading history journal in the form of a private Telegram channel. You can join it through the main VirtualBacon Insider Telegram channel.

Most recently, VirtualBacon announced that all followers should set up a TON network crypto wallet as the ecosystem is being heavily pushed.

Type of Telegram GroupChannel
Subscription feeFree & Paid Premium
Subscriber count11.8K

4. Coin Bureau Insider – Cryptocurrency insights on Telegram from YouTuber with over 2.5 million subscribers

Coin Bureau Insider is the official Telegram channel of the popular YouTube channel Coin Bureau. The platform’s mission is to “pave the way towards cryptocurrency mass adoption through education: one person at a time”.

Coin Bureau Insider’s Telegram channel has over 140,000 subscribers. It provides regular updates about important developments in the blockchain and crypto sector, including market news digests, governmental interventions in Web3, token rally reports, and various training and education guides.

Coin Bureau Telegram crypto insights channel
Source: ValueWalk

One of Coin Bureau’s biggest strengths is that the information is presented in a way that can be understood by a novice or someone who is new to the markets.

Coin Bureau Insider also re-posts their YouTube content with written digests about the topic. Check out the CoinBureau YouTube channel for their catalog of videos.

Coin Bureau is one of the best cryptocurrency Telegram groups as it provides timely, regular, and deeply insightful information about Web3, blockchain, and the crypto trading markets.

Type of Telegram GroupChannel
Subscription feeFree
Subscriber count140K

5. DeFi Million – Global network of over 1 million DeFi lovers

DeFi Million is a comprehensive cryptocurrency Telegram channel geared toward DeFi. Its global network of followers is over 1 million, and the channel has over 345,000 subscribers.

On DeFi Million, you can find a variety of insights into the world of DeFi, NFTs, and crypto tokens. The platform aims to provide “unlimited information on the latest DeFi projects to its subscribers”.

Telegram crypto channels focused on DeFi
Source: ValueWalk

The application of DeFi is constantly growing and overlapping with new industries. DeFi Million helps you stay ahead of the trend and invest in new and upcoming DeFi projects.

DeFi Million also posts insights into popular crypto airdrops. The channel also presents rundowns of the latest up-and-coming ICOs within the DeFi space.

Type of Telegram GroupChannel
Subscription feeFree
Subscriber count332K

6. ICO Analytics – Find upcoming and recent token events, private presales, and project performances

ICO Analytics is an independent outlet that provides powerful analytics tools for cryptocurrency investors. The platform aims to bring transparency and objectivity to people interested in trading in various markets, projects, and ideas.

Moreover, ICO Analytics is independently run, ensuring that insights are not biased or influenced by outsider Web3 projects, persons, or outlets.

ICO Analytics Telegram channel
Source: ValueWalk

The ICO Analytics Telegram channel does not focus solely on crypto. It also provides insights into the latest worldwide stock market trends.

The channel also posts about new exchange listings, such as the latest tokens to list on Binance. The primary category of focus for tokens is mainly new crypto coins, providing news assumptions and analysis.

As a long-standing outlet within the Web3 space, ICO Analytics ranks as one of the best crypto Telegram channels for discovering new Web3 tokens and insights into upcoming exchange listings, airdrops, and fundraising events.

Type of Telegram GroupChannel
Subscription feeFree
Subscriber count71.6K

7. Wolfx Signals – Team of crypto analysts providing crypto market insights

Wolfx aims to assist traders and crypto investors by providing educational insights to increase the investment knowledge of its user base. The Wolfx free Telegram channel boasts over 150,000 subscribers and provides two analyses per week.

You can alternatively join the VIP channel, which requires a subscription fee. The crypto VIP chat costs $279, or $399, for both the crypto and forex VIP channel access.

Wolfx Signals Telegram channel with Crypto and Forex signals
Source: ValueWalk

This outlet also provides crypto education via its Wolfx Academy. You can learn how to chart like a pro with the assistance of a professional team. 

The Wolfx Academy aims to teach crypto learners how to trade, giving them access to backtested strategies that have allowed full-time traders to be profitable.

Type of Telegram GroupChannel with signals
Subscription feeFree & Paid Premium
Subscriber count155K

8. 100eyes Crypto Scanner – Auto detects technical analysis indications on cryptocurrencies

100eyes Crypto Scanner is a Telegram group that frequently shares crypto coin charts with applied technical analysis indicators.

This Telegram channel is a scanner that automatically detects RSI, bullish/bearish divergences, support zones, and other chart analytics.

You can access the preview channel for free, which provides free alerts for the top 4 cryptos. The premium channel requires a subscription fee and provides fully automated alerts for 180+ cryptocurrencies. A lifetime membership costs a one-time price of $250, while a yearly subscription costs $110, and 6 months costs $75.

100 eyes crypto scanner for technical analysis on over 350 cryptos
Source: ValueWalk

When using the 100eyes Crypto Scanner, you can choose your own alerts, timeframes, and tokens to track and request custom alerts.

The product also has a dedicated customer support team and educational content, which aims to teach traders how to consistently profit from crypto markets.

Type of Telegram GroupChannel / Coin Analysis Bot
Subscription feeFree and Paid Premium
Subscriber count39.1K

9. Generation Crypto – Open Telegram chat group with over 10k members

Generation Crypto is a community on Telegram that has a chat group with thousands of crypto enthusiasts.

The group’s primary purpose is to share crypto insights, alpha, upcoming presales, and web3 industry analytics. This Telegram group chat is one of the most active groups, with members communicating daily.

Generation crypto Telegram crypto group
Source: ValueWalk

Generation Crypto chat members frequently share Twitter posts on topics surrounding weekly crypto rankings, top DeFi coins per blockchain, trending crypto coins, social activity stats, low-mid cap gems, and more.

This crypto Telegram group provides very reliable, first-hand intel that community members have discovered. While many leading Telegram open chat groups moved to Discord, Generation Crypto has stayed loyal to its Telegram community followers, keeping a major presence on the chat app.

Type of Telegram GroupChannel
Subscription feeFree
Subscriber count87.3K

Why join a Telegram cryptocurrency group?

You may be wondering about the benefits of joining crypto, DeFi, and Web3-focused channels and chat groups on Telegram. Read on to discover the benefits.

Find out about new coins

Deep-diving into crypto-focused Telegram channels and groups lets you find the latest insights into new coins. You can also find community-shared alpha on new crypto projects with upcoming and active ICOs in Telegram chat groups such as Generation Crypto.

Get tips and ideas through trading signals

Some Telegram channels solely focus on publishing chart analysis and signals. Telegram channels such as Crypto Bull and Binance Signals publish daily technical analyses on trending crypto coins.

By following reliable charting analysts and crypto signal channels, you can better understand the crypto market and its optimum trading levels.

Follow cryptocurrency news

Telegram is a great source of information for digesting the latest news and occurrences in the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 space.

Channels such as Coin Bureau Insider frequently publish the latest market news in a Telegram post.

You can also find a range of channels that are solely focused on the latest news, such as One Minute Letter by CoinTelegraph.

A variety of options available

Telegram is a popular app amongst the cryptocurrency and Web3 community. It has various Telegram channels, chat groups, and bots, all of which serve different purposes.

Some channels specifically provide cryptocurrency trading signals, while others focus on finding insider alpha and researching new projects, airdrops, or upcoming Binance listings.

For traders more geared towards staking, liquidity providing, lending protocols, and yield farming, Telegram groups such as DeFi Million will assist in finding potentially profitable DeFi opportunities.


Our research process includes consultation with several in-house cryptocurrency and investment experts with more than a decade of combined experience. Our team created a shortlist, and we then analyzed each Telegram channel and group, its online sentiment, and the details about what the Telegram group offers to its community. This ensures that multiple facets of a Telegram channel are scrutinized when determining its likelihood of being ranked among the best Telegram groups to join in 2024.


Which is the best crypto group on Telegram?

We outlined our top picks in our final verdict above. All the groups covered have their own benefits. Crypto Bull and Binance Signals are our top picks for signals.

Is Telegram good for crypto?

Absolutely. Telegram has long been the go-to chat application for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. Due to the wide Web3 user base, most crypto projects will have Telegram groups or channels.

Which Telegram link has best paid crypto signals?

The best paid crypto signal Telegram channels are Wolfx Signals or 100eyes Crypto Scanner.

Which crypto alert is best on Telegram?

100eyes Crypto Scanner lets you customize which coins to track and when you’d like to receive alerts.


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