Control Different Volume Settings From One Central Place On Android

Control Different Volume Settings From One Central Place On Android

If there’s one nagging problem with the Android OS  it’s with the way it handles volume settings. Some people find it really confusing. For example, when you’re playing media and adjust the volume, then that volume setting is for media playback only, and when you’re on homescreen and adjust the volume, then that setting is for ringtone and notification only.

How to adjust volume easily on Android

For those who’re new to Android, here’s how you can adjust volume settings: Navigate to Settings > Sound > Volumes. Here, there are three ways in which you can adjust the volume levels:
1) Music, video, games and other media
2) Ringtone and notifications
3) Alarms

But wouldn’t it be great if we had more granular controls on volume settings on Android? Persist, an Android app claims to put you in complete control of your sounds, with a variety of volume controls and settings. Think of this as a central place to adjust various volume levels on your Android device.

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You can adjust volume levels of alarm, media, ringer, notification, system, voice and bluetooth. Adjusting each of them does have its advantages – for example, you can set the ringer on high volume so that you don’t miss the call in any case, while you might want to lower or mute notification sound so that your friend cannot disturb you on WhatsApp, Facebook or any other app. But that’s not all, apart from setting individual volume controls, you can also set individual ringtones or alert sounds for each of these sounds so that you can easily recognize and differentiate between them.


You can also set it on different modes like silent, vibrate and normal, or lock it so that individual apps cannot change (or override) this setting. Persist comes in two versions – free and paid.

The paid version costs $4, and it comes with some additional features, such as it comes with different homescreen widgets so that you can quickly set levels without having to open the app. You can also set volume presets or call it as profiles to appointment, default, night, day, etc.

For many of you out there, the free version should suffice. At least, it helps in bringing different volume control settings at one unified place so that you don’t have to hunt it down deep within, or do any tricks. Get the free app from the below link.

Install Persist from Google Play Store

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