Coinbase Is The Most Popular Crypto Trading Site  

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  • Coinbase is the most popular crypto trading site, receiving 6,655,000 monthly searches worldwide
  • Kraken is the second most popular trading site with 1,780,000 searches per month
  • Gemini narrowly misses out on second place with 1,730,000 monthly searches

Coinbase Is The Most Googled Trading Site Worldwide

New research has revealed that Coinbase is the most Googled trading site worldwide, for cryptocurrency.

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The study by AskGamblers has found that Coinbase receives the most Google searches per month at 6,655,000 nearly four times the second most popular trading site. Coinbase has more than 73 million verified users and is available in more than 100 countries; the most common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin are available here.

Kraken is the second most searched for Crypto trading site at 1,780,000 average Google searches per month. It is one of the largest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the world and has more than 6 million clients.

Gemini places third in the rankings with 1,730,000 searches per month. Gemini offers more than 50 cryptocurrencies and as well 21 crypto trading pairs.

Etoro places fourth with 1,710,000 average searches per month, globally. Gemini offers more than 50 cryptocurrencies and as well 21 crypto trading pairs.

Robinhood comes in fifth in the rankings with 1,680,000 average searches per month. Robinhood currently offers seven cryptocurrencies, available to buy and sell. It is a well-established stock market site that is now venturing into the Crypto market.

Blockchain comes in sixth place with 1,620,000 Google searches per month.

The seventh most popular Cryptocurrency trading site is Wazirx as it sees 1,210,000 searches for it per month, double the amount seen in January, and has over 7.3million users.

Kucoin receives 991,000 Google searches per month, placing this trading site as the eighth most popular.

In ninth place is Binance tr with 866,000 searches per month. It offers more than 500 cryptocurrencies for crypto-to-crypto trading.

In tenth place is Indodax with 701,000 searches per month. It is an Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange with over 2 million users.

The top ten Crypto trading sites receive a combined 18,938,000 searches per month, each site having an average of above half a million searches.

A spokesperson for AskGamblers commented on the findings:

“The popularity of cryptocurrency trading has exploded and as of March 2022, there are 18,000 types of cryptocurrencies, up 10,000 from January. Some of these cryptos have low trading volume whilst others are skyrocketing in popularity. Coinbase has seen a breakout in interest in 2021 and it could have potential for exponential growth in the future. The figures shown in this research are phenomenal numbers and truly represent the global interest in cryptocurrencies and how to trade.”

The Top 10 Most Popular Trading Sites 

Coinbase 6,650,000
Kraken 1,780,000
Gemini 1,730,000
Etoro 1,710,000
Robinhood 1,680,000
Blockchain 1,620,000
Wazirx 1,210,000
Kucoin 991,000
Binance tr 866,000
Indodax 701,000