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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Dutch Firm Restart Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Australia has hired Dutch Firm Fugro to restart the search for the Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which disappeared mysteriously in the southern Indian Ocean...
Chappaqua House fire

Grand Bear Resort Fire Reported In Northern Illinois

The latest: The extremely low temperatures in northern Illinois complicated firefighters' fight in the Grand Bear Resort fire. Ambient air temperatures in the Chicago area...

US Savings Rate Falling Again – Here Comes MyRA

US Savings Rate Falling Again – Here Comes "MyRA" FORECASTS & TRENDS E-LETTER by Gary D. Halbert February 18, 2014 IN THIS ISSUE: 1. US Personal Savings Rate is Falling...

World War 3? Ukraine Crisis Could Trigger A Nuclear War, Warns Gorbachev

Tensions across the world are growing steadily. So, there is always potential for a World War 3. But former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned...
Finland Russia GPS

Russia To Educate College Students About Color Revolutions

Growing concern about mass protests organized from outside the country have prompted officials to propose new education programs. Russia's Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov told the...

As Dow Crashes Alongside CNBC Ratings

All eyes have been on the markets this month (literally every day has had a whiplash moment in the DOW, including this AM) –...

China Defiant Against Forceful Involvement of West in Syria

The Chinese government has withheld its stand against forceful intervention of the west on Syrian Matters. The Chinese along with Russia showed their resolute...
Finland Russia GPS

The Russia-Turkey Spat: The Big Picture

The past, in particular a shared desire to right perceived historical wrongs, is making it more difficult for Turkey and Russia to smooth over...

Confounding Constitutional Conundrums If Clinton is Indicted

Editor's (quick) note: If Hillary Clinton is indicted will there be a constitutional crisis? - one of the nation's top legal experts weighs in...
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Trump Admin Told States to Give Health Data to Palantir

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This morning, new reporting in the Daily Beast detailed how the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) instructed states to give “daily”...
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Second Amendment Open To Interpretation On Gun Rights

Often we perceive that there is a constitution debate around whether or not the American government can limit or restrict the ability of people...
Steven Mnuchin

Steve Mnuchin Confirmed as Next Treasury Secretary

After tonight’s narrow 53-47 Senate confirmation vote on Steve Mnuchin ’s nomination to become Treasury Secretary,Demand Progress released the following statement from its campaign...
IRS logo

The IRS Moves to Limit Dark Money – But Enforcement Still a Question

The IRS Moves to Limit Dark Money – But Enforcement Still a Question by Kim Barker ProPublica, Nov. 26, 2013, 5:03 p.m. The IRS and Treasury...
Quarterly Capitalism

“Capitalism” Is the Wrong Word

Capitalism Is the Wrong Word by Steven Horwitz, Foundation For Economic Education We Shouldn't Use a Term Coined by the System's Enemies Wouldn’t it be nice...
John Bolton

John Bolton’s Testimony

John Bolton has agreed to testimony in front of Congress if he is subpoenaed. The only problem is that Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell...