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Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Work We Do to Pay Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are two certainties in the lives of every American according to Ben Franklin: death and taxes. (Corporate Americans exempt.) So how much of...

An Alternative look at volatility

This article takes an alternative view on volatility.  Rather than the usual CBOE VIX - a volatility index derived from option pricing, the metrics...

Infographic: Twitter Acquisition? Four potential suitors

Infographic: Twitter Acquisition? Four potential suitors
SAC Capital Advisors

Weight Gain & Weight Loss Google Trends [INFOGRAPH]

This infographic gives us a brief idea about the weight issues people face these days. There are more people searching for weight loss than...

Financial Accounting 101: An Overly Simplified, Five Minute Crash Course for Investors

This article was republished from a post on the Invest Before the Street blog Financial accounting. Who needs it? Accounting existing for two basic reasons: To...

The Business of Branding: Powerful Retailer Partnerships

Why would a fashion designer partner with a car manufacturer? Why would a celebrity team up with a national brand? Because their collaborations yield...
modern AI

Is Modern AI Good Or Evil? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Modern AI is intelligent. It can check you out at the grocery store, it can drive you to work, and even cook you dinner...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

Mixed Reactions In Asia Over iPhone [INFOGRAPH]

In a look at Asian sentiments towards smartphones in Asia, which found that nearly one in five Asians who were early iPhone buyers said...
$600 fed checks Remote Work home social distancing

What Is The Status Of Remote Work In The US Right Now?

The future of the American workplace is unclear. It has been estimated that on March 27 2020, 16 million “knowledge workers” began working from...

US Dream Factor Is High, Book Value Growth Is Low

By  Become a Better Investor.   Stock returns are driven by four main factors US companies have had almost no growth in book value over the...
Dream Cars Are All American Made

Most people who identified as not knowledgeable about cars, chose a Tesla as their...

We’ve all thought about what type of car we would buy if money was no object right?  I always wanted a BMW when I...

ChartBrief #22 Oktaperfest

So far the economic data out of Europe carries a message along the lines of "crisis averted" with the ZEW and Sentix economic confidence...
Venture Capital Deals

The Slowdown In Venture Capital Deals Is A Cause For Concern [Charts]

Last year, the market for venture capital soared to new heights. A record amount of money was raised, with global funding for VC-backed companies...
Securities And Exchange Commission SEC

Social Securities Fraud: Ripping Off Uncle Sam [INFOGRAPHIC]

The schemes are simple: scammers using stolen social security numbers submit fake tax returns claiming they're owed refunds. H/T Barry Ritholtz Social Securities Fraud: Ripping Off...
Solar Installations

Experts Are Horrible At Forecasting Solar Installations

For the latest data on the world’s energy markets, organizations such as the IEA (International Energy Agency) and the EIA (Energy Information Administration) are...