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Monday, July 13, 2020

Earnings Preview: Toyota, Take-Two, Sirius XM, Estee Lauder

February the 5th, 2013 is a huge earnings day. We provided earnings preview for 10 companies in total, here and here. In this article...
Is Brexit The First Of Many Dominoes

U.S. Fixed Income: What’s “Nexit” for the Bond Market?

Well, here we are. The “leave” Brexit vote has become a reality and the global markets essentially responded as expected. While the catalyst this...

Say It Like It Is – Why Dividends Matter

"... (The true investor) will do better if he forgets about the stock market and pays attention to his dividend returns and to the...
Reverse Dollar Bull Markets

7-Year Bull Market Continues Despite Approaching Bear Levels, Says Rosenberg

We've come pretty close to the current bull market being over, but we're not there yet despite all the panic we've seen lately. What...
Colliers International

Colliers International (CIGI) – Leadership Transition And Near-Term Macro Worries Create An Opportunity

Colliers International is one of the “big five” global commercial real estate agencies (the others being CBRE, JLL, C&W, Savills), currently trading at a...
India Sanjay Bakshi Indian Companies

India Opens New Front In Tax Evasion Battle

India Opens New Front In Tax Evasion Battle by Priti Patnaik, swissinfo.ch An investigatory body, recently set up by India's new government to unearth black...

China Maneuvering To Position Yuan As Global Currency

China's yuan has recently seen its value drop, a move engineered by the Chinese government to ward off speculators ahead of liberalization. The Chinese...
InsiderMonkey (CC BY-ND 2.0) David Einhorn

David Einhorn Competes in World Series of Poker, Comes in Third Place

David Einhorn, famous investment manager, is competing in the World Series of Poker. Einhorn is the CEO of Greenlight Capital a value oriented hedge...

Keeping The Bubble-Boom Going

Keeping The Bubble-Boom Going by Thorsten Polleit, Mises Institute The US Federal Reserve is playing with the idea of raising interest rates, possibly as early...
VC Interests

Four Term Sheet Provisions That Protect VC Interests

Four Term Sheet Provisions That Protect VC Interests by Robin Riddell, Alyssa Riddle and George Gaprindashvili, PitchBook Venture investing is risky. That’s why VCs are experts...
Private Equity

US Private Equity Fundraisers As Successful As Ever, Suggesting Industry’s Maturation

About 89% of US private equity funds hit their targets last year, against a backdrop of healthy fundraising levels—252 vehicles combined for a total...

Earnings Preview: St. Joe, Rosetta Stone, News Corp, Shutterstock

With the market trading at an all-time high, first quarter earnings have provided a roller-coaster ride so far this season. Here is a look...
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Coronavirus stimulus package: How much you get and when?

As you all are aware, the Senate just recently approved a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package. The package is expected to boost all parts...
Too Big To Default Big Banks Default Rights

Break Up The Big Banks? Seven Reasons Why That’s A Bad Idea

Break Up The Big Banks? Seven Reasons Why That's A Bad Idea In recent months, many politicians and policymakers have grown more aggressively vocal in...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

Passport Capital’s Confused Strategy Leads To Negative Alpha In 2011

In the outgoing year Passport’s main fund “Passport Global” recorded double digit losses of 18.4%. The fund posted negative alpha of11.5% and 20.5% from...