Caller ID Apps For iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Devices

Caller ID Apps For iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Devices

Caller ID apps can help you get all the information about any caller and number that you want. Even out of sheer curiosity, some people would like to get more information on the caller, or perhaps to block those blank and unwanted calls. These apps let users know the name of the caller, location, service provider name and more. There are many caller ID apps for various platforms, namely Android, iOS (iPhone), BlackBerry and Nokia. Let’s take a look at some free caller ID apps for these different platforms.

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Truecaller is one of the most popular caller ID app. The app claims to be the “global phone directory.” The app can show you who the caller is and instantly blocks all those unwanted calls. Truecaller enables you to search half a billion phone numbers worldwide.

Caller ID Apps For iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Devices

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  • Caller ID – See who the unknown caller is before answering
  • Lookup mobile and landline numbers from all over the world
  • Block calls from your personal blacklist and block common spam callers
  • Connect to your Facebook or LinkedIn account to get your friends latest social status information immediately when they call you

Truecaller is available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry platforms.

Indian Caller Info

This app is targeted towards Indian users who want to know all possible information about the caller. The app shows the caller information right at the time when the phone is ringing. It also speaks the caller name, number, location and operator.


  • Search the STD code of any City in India
  • Search the ISD code of Countries in World
  • Call or Save the contact from application Logs if required
  • Search information about any Mobile or Land line Number
  • Know how much time is left to answer a call

Download this app from Play Store.

CIA – Caller Identification App

CIA (Caller Identification App) shows the name, address and other details right on your screen, when the phone is ringing. You can then decide if you want to receive the call or reject it. The app works great with local as well as international numbers. The app shows not only the caller’s information, but also the caller’s Facebook profile. The app allows users to get rid of annoying tele-marketers by marking the number as spam.

This app is available for Android and iPhone.

Caller ID App for Nokia Devices

Caller ID app is for those using Nokia’s feature phones. It automatically identifies callers that are not in your contact list. To do this, it searches international directories and then displays caller information. Download this app from Nokia Ovi store.


WhosCall lets you block unwanted calls and texts. Users can perform reverse lookup for numbers for free. The app also displays the originating location of calls. The developers claim that they have 300+ million phone numbers in their database from countries like US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe, Middle East, and more. Get it from Play Store.

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