Breaking: Tom Russo to Speak at Value Investing Congress


Tom Russo is one of the best value hedge fund managers. Because his Breaking: Tom Russo to Speak at Value Investing Congressstyle is so “boring” and Russo is not interested in publicity, he is not well known. However Russo is one of the most interesting value investors around. Russo has returned 2,800% over the past 25 years versus 1,000% for the S&P500. Russo now manages over $6billion due to the phenomenal returns.

Russo’s style would best be described as a mix of Warren Buffett and John Templeton. When Russo was an MBA candidate at Stanford, his professor mentioned that 95% of the world population is outside the US. This made a deep impact on Russo who owns many foreign companies. Russo, looks for companies that have strong brands, the capacity to suffer, trading at reasonable valuations, and have the ability to re-invest their cash flow profitably.

Russo has owned Berkshire Hathaway since 1982, and Nestle and Heinkein since 1987. Russo has very low turnover, and is almost always 100% invested.

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Despite not shorting and being fully invested, Russo still outperformed the market in 2008.

You can fund out a lot more about Tom Russo from a recent, extensive, exclusive interview on ValueWalk, which can be found here.

Tom Russo is the latest speaker to be confirmed for the Value Investing Congress in Omaha, on May 6th and 7th, 2012. The conference will begin after the Berkshire Hathaway annual pilgrimage, and the Markel Shareholder meeting, where Tom Gayner will be speaking. The line-up should be great, as many high profile investors like and Prem Watsa, go to Warren Buffett’s Annual meeting every year . I attended the last conference, and it was not only great for investment ideas, but one of the best networking venues for analysts, HNWIs, people in business development, financial media etc.

There is a special deal; Value Walk readers will receive a discount of $$1,600 off the regular price, however it expires on 1/27/12 So act quickly, this will be the largest discount offered for the conference. As the conference gets closer the discounts decrease significantly.

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