The US Goes Gaga Over Black Friday: Discounts, Shopping Craze And Log Queues

The US Goes Gaga Over Black Friday: Discounts, Shopping Craze And Log Queues

Black Friday is an occasion that is celebrated with excitement in the US. While the other countries also participate in black Ffriday doorbusters they simply cannot be compared to the US Shopping Spree that takes the shape of a festival and make people go crazy. Some people would stand outside a shop at 4 AM for Black Friday doorbusters to ensure that they should be the first to enter while others would get personal and could even resort to violence if they don’t get what they love to buy. Let us explore more about Black Friday and know about important statistics:

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It is predicted that average discount offered by stores on Black Friday will reach around 36.5% with Wal-Mart offering discount of 30-35%, Best Buy is going to be having some huge deals. Next big Name is Target that is going to offer 25-0% of discount. Online stores are more modest in offering discount with Amazon planning to offer 20-25% discount that seems more of a regular discount offer.

Some sellers prefer to utilize the opportunity to widen their database for potential clients whom they can contact later. They propose to offer special discounts to those who share their personal information. However the participation is not encouraging with around 60% of American buyers choosing not to share their private details.

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Shopping Craze

In order to take the best advantage of the discounts 45% of American shoppers have started buying well before 1st November. Around 50% they will wake up during early hours of the morning to take best benefits of discounts.

Top Purchases

As can be assumed easily, the major purchase on Black Friday will be Electronics and IT gadgets that will account of around 40% of total purchases. Next contender is clothing occupies 22.55% of total purchase size. With 12% share the Toys and video games are on the third position. However, the least purchased item remains jewellery that accounts for a mere 2.59% of total purchase.

black friday doorbusters Gone In The Age of Amazon?

The clear effect of internet can be seen on the buying decision of clients wit around 80% of people saying that search engines and saving asp play a great role in shaping their buying decision. Apart from that people also rely on traditional means like newspapers and word of mouth to decide the black friday doorbusters list.

Black Friday Shopping I Black Friday Doorbusters

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