#BrandRecall101: How Startups Can Make A Lasting Impression

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Throughout history, the concept of branding has helped companies in their efforts to stay in business. It may be the company’s product, service, or ideology that makes brand recall possible, with the best brands becoming successful in getting consumers to make positive associations with their brand.

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Here are some examples: You know right away you’re looking at an ad display of a sportswear company just by seeing its “Just Do It” slogan. Or you only need to mention “a platform for personal fundraising” to someone if you’re referring to a popular crowdsourcing website.

For these companies, brand recall is as good as the business itself. People will almost always think of these brands first instead of any other company out there, which is a good opportunity to make new customers or keep existing ones.

In the startup space, brand recall is every budding entrepreneur’s goal. With online platforms fast becoming the mode of communication and interaction between people and businesses, your marketing team would do well to focus on digital channels.

Get people to go to your website or social media page with value-laden content about your industry and what it means to them. Soon, more and more people will be talking about your ability to put your audience’s interests first before those of your company’s.

Then be where your customers are - chat, email, text, mobile apps - to give them the response or service that they need right when they need it. You want to be known as a business that makes it easy for customers to reach you instead of one that’s frustrating to do business with.

Another indicator that you’re doing great with your branding efforts is when people feel a deep sense of attachment or connection to your brand and the advocacies that you stand for. You don’t need to be a non-profit organisation to score high in this department, as people tend to view businesses with a strong sense of social responsibility in high esteem.

It’s also important to inject a fun, creative personality into your brand image. These days, you have to really work on your creativity to engage your customers. People won’t take it against you if you think outside the box. On the contrary, people take it as a sign that you’re offering them something that’s unique and special.

Last but not least, you need to work on your journey to success with your audience. Think about your target market whenever you have to make a business decision or implement a new policy. Ask them for their views about your product or service to give you more insights into what they want or need.

We could go on enumerating everything you need to know about branding, but we think you’ll especially like our #BrandRecall101 infographic. Use it as your guide to give your startup business and your marketing team more mileage as you conquer the race for the best startup brand in the land.

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