Did Your Bank Reject Illinois Tax Rebate Checks? This Could Be The Reason

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Illinois started sending tax rebate checks to eligible residents last month. There are, however, reports that the bank is rejecting some of the Illinois tax rebate checks for no clear reasons.

There were speculations that the checks were being rejected for lack of funds, but now we know the real reason for the rejection of the checks, and it is because of smudged ink.

Why Are Banks Rejecting Some Rebate Checks?

In April, Gov. J.B. Pritzker approved the Family Relief Plan to give tax rebates (income and property tax rebates) to residents. The payment started going out earlier last month, but some recipients reported that banks had rejected their stimulus checks.

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A $50 rebate check of a farmer from Morris, Connor Greve, was rejected after he deposited it in the bank. Greve received a letter from the bank informing him that the check didn’t clear and that he would have to pay a return fee of $12.

Some speculated that the rebate checks were being rejected due to a lack of funds. Later, Illinois comptroller Susana Mendoza’s office confirmed that the rebate checks were not being rejected due to lack of funds, but because of smudged ink.

A spokesperson said that it is possible that ink smeared on the routing numbers rendering the checks worthless, according to WGN. It is estimated that the state has sent about 2 million rebate checks, and of those, 300 were returned due to smeared ink on the routing numbers.

“We’ve had about 300 checks returned for that smudged ink issue out of the 2 million rebate checks we have sent out so far,” the comptroller’s spokesman said, according to WGN.  “We’ll reissue the checks and will refund any bank fees, though the banks generally issue the credit on their own.”

The rebate checks are still being sent out. In case your rebate check arrives with smudged ink, then it is better that you don’t deposit it in the bank because the bank won’t accept it. You should return the check to the comptroller’s office with a letter explaining the reason and requesting a replacement. You should also include your phone number in the letter.

Illinois Tax Rebate Checks: Who Will Get Them?

Illinois tax rebate checks are part of the Family Relief Plan which offers rebates ranging from $50 to $400. To be eligible for the income tax rebate checks individuals should have income below $200,000 on their 1040 tax form in 2021 (less than $400,000 for couples filing jointly).

Separately, property tax rebates of up to $300 are going to individual homeowners with an income of $250,000 or less on their 1040 in 2021 (and couples with income up to $500,000).

Eligible taxpayers will get the rebate automatically. To check the status of your Illinois tax rebate checks, or get more information on the program, visit tax.illinois.gov/rebates. Residents can also call 1-800-732-8866 or 217-782-3336 to get information on the program.