Peak Oil Deja Vu

Peak Oil Deja Vu?

DEJA VU (part 2):  A familiar situation. Peak Oil was on my mind during the first decade of this 21st … Read more


Black Monday Deja Vu

A question that was recently emailed to MarketCycle Wealth Management via our website’s Contact Page: “Why are you holding protective … Read more

Bears Battle Bulls

Bears Battle Bulls

Friday February 9, 2018, published before market open (charts are as of Thursday night). Bears Battle Bulls! We finally got … Read more

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds?

Storm clouds on the horizon?  MarketCycle has been recently saying that the level of market risk has increased and that … Read more

Emerging Markets

Talking To Myself

This month’s MarketCycle’s Musings is merely me ‘talking to myself.’ 1)  Where are we in the market cycle? Baupost Letter … Read more

Janet Yellen

Listening To Yellen

Today’s MarketCycle’s Musings, written on July 15, 2017,  will be very brief.  Recently, stock markets have been showing signs of being … Read more