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Lecture On Studying Financial History (Russell Napier)

Russell Napier’s Lecture on Financial History  (60 minutes) A good lecture on integrating past lessons into today’s current conditions. A CFA composite book on…

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Sandstrom Back Of Envelope Valuation

We last discussed Sandstorm (SAND) here: I did a back of the envelop valuation here: Sand Report Sandstrom (“Sand”) is a royalty and streaming company….

The Experts Are Wrong Again

Bloomberg December 2015: But Societe Generale predicts gold will be a casualty of the rate hike, falling below $US1000 an ounce, to $US955 by the…

The ART of Contrary Thinking

When everyone thinks alike, everyone is likely to be wrong. If you wish to keep from guessing wrong, learn to think contrarily.  –Humphrey Neill CSInvesting:…