Apple Inc. iOS 8 Beta 4 Is Expected To Release July 21

Apple Inc. iOS 8 Beta 4 Is Expected To Release July 21
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iOS 8 is edging closer for official launch. A new report surfaced the iOS 8 Beta 4 will be released on Monday, July 21st.

Apple often follow a pattern for beta releases

The Beta 3 version of iOS 8 debuted on July 7th. Judging by the latest report, it is evident Apple is following the same beta release schedule they followed last year. Right now it is still unknown the exact number of iOS betas Apple will release before the final finish. In 2013, the Cupertino-based tech giant released six betas for iOS 7 and four betas for iOS 6.

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The first iOS 8 Beta was introduced on June 2nd during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The mobile operating system is expected for official roll out in September.

A closer look at iOS 8 features

Highlights for iOS 8 include health-related features such as an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and other health related apps. This is all part of Apple’s transition to the fitness market which may or may not include the rumored iWatch. This handy app simplifies your fitness related information even further by storing all the information onto one central dashboard. Moreover, users have complete control of which information you want to share through the app. You can also create an emergency card with your health information. This emergency card can easily be accessed through your lock screen.

iOS 8 is also great for businesses. This upgrade comes with more productivity features, device management features, and security features. It comes with enterprise-grade security technologies enabling more protection for more apps as well as more fine-tuned controls for mail encryption. Another nice feature with iOS 8 is the improve messaging system. This upgrade allows users to tap to add voice to any conversation. Users can also send videos of whatever they are seeing at the moment. Perhaps even more useful is the location sharing feature.

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