ANTIFA of New York Creates Violent Video Game Where You Can Kill Cops

ANTIFA of New York Creates Violent Video Game Where You Can Kill Cops
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The ANTIFA of New York have just released a stunningly realistic yet horrifying video game that allows the player to roleplay growing up in the streets of Brooklyn as a young black man, depending on the choices you take in the game it leads your character down different paths. Some paths take you to a job at McDonalds while some turn you into a ‘zaza’ dealer, slang for high quality marijuana.

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The Ending Of ANTIFA of New York's Game

However what is raising alarm bells is all the paths lead to the same ending in which the character kills a sleeping NYPD officer, it is quite disturbing. While The Stonk Market will not show a clip of the scene, we can describe it to you. It starts off in the middle of the night where your character gets out of bed and hops into his 2011 Toyota Camry, loud drill music from the rapper ‘Fivio Foreign’ begins blaring and your character begins speeding until he hits a pole in the middle of the street. In a desperate attempt, your character gets out of the car and starts running until he sees a NYPD officer asleep in his patrol car, for some unexplained reason, your character runs up to the car and begins shooting the cop with a Glock-18, the game cuts to black.

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It is entirely unclear what the purpose of this video game was, but many are unhappy. Former President Trump said “This absolutely disgusting piece of garbage shouldn’t be allowed to exist. The radical left gets crazier by the day, and cucks like De Blasio allow this to happen, which is why New York is no longer respected.”

This post first appeared on The Stonk Market

Disclaimer: This is a satirical article.

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