Almost A Quarter Of Crypto Business Leaders Studied Computer Science

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Research reveals the most common degrees studied by the world’s crypto business leaders and what universities they attended.

CoinJournal has revealed which university subjects were studied by the most business leaders in the sector in a study of more than 150 CEOs, founders and chairmen of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. The study also revealed which countries offer the most crypto job opportunities and the countries with the highest paying crypto jobs.

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The Most Common Degrees Studied By Crypto Business Leaders

Most Popular Areas Of Study

The Most Common Universities Attended By Crypto Business Leaders

Most Popular Universities

According to the research:

  • Computer science is the most popular course among blockchain business leaders, accounting for 24.55% of all subjects studied. Many billionaires who made their fortune in the crypto industry studied computer science, including Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, Alchemy co-founders Joe Lau and Nikil Viswanathan, as well as co-founder of FTX Gary Wang, who studied computer science alongside mathematics.
  • In second place are business and MBA courses, with 19.09% of courses studied by blockchain business leaders. Ripple Labs co-founder Chris Larsen and Binance US CEO Brian Schroder are two examples of high-profile blockchain business leaders who studied for an MBA, while co-founder Nicolas Cary studied for an undergraduate degree in business before beginning his career.
  • North America, offers the best average salary for crypto jobs, amounting to annual earnings of $120,000 approximately, while remote roles offer the second-highest remuneration of $110,000, with crypto workers in Europe earning the third-highest amount at $80,000 per year.
  • Singapore has the highest number of crypto job listings at 159.14 crypto jobs per million people, almost three times as many as any other country. 
  • The University of California has produced the most blockchain business leaders with as many as 13 being counted among their alumni, while Computer Science is the most popular course among blockchain business leaders, accounting for 24.55% of all subjects studied.