The world’s most aero bicycle S-KORP 1 made from graphene

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S-KORP 1 launches the most aero bicycle made out of graphene. Pre-Order Now Limited production.

Industrial designer Andre Fangueiro and founder of Studio Lata for has joined forces with S-KORP 1 to redefine the rules of bicycle design, by utilizing aerospace materials and working in partnership with formula 1 manufacturers to secure the most unprecedented and ultimate driving performance available on the market today.

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The S-KORP 1 team are industry pioneers, making advancements in the bicycle industry market through their development of the first triathlon bicycle made from Graphene.

The S-KORP frame aims to offer the most innovative bicycle frame to date by using space-age materials, cutting edge development technology and a new approach to aerodynamics.

S-KORP at a glance:

  • Ultralight frame yet immensely though.
  • Outstanding vibration and absorption capacity.
  • High mechanical resistance and durability.
  • New Y-shape handle bar geometry provides an increase in performance and agility.

How would you describe the S-KORP to someone new?

In a nutshell: the S-KORP is the most innovative, best performing bicycle frame that technology can produce at this moment in time.

  • F1 Materials
    • Making a vision a reality, the S-KORP will be the first triathlon bicycle built with the toughest aerospace material possible: Graphene!
  • Direct Drive
    • S-KORP is being designed to enhance a direct drive, by correctly positioning our users in optimal position, increasing the propelling performance.
  • Aerodynamics
    • Using the latest Computer Aided Design we have developed the best aero bicycle in the world.

How did you decide on the design of the product?

The evaluation of the frame and development of the shape started with the definition of the target group and an in-depth analysis of current gaps in the market were the product would seamlessly fit. In parallel to the analysis and interviewing our end-users we started building first CAD (computer aided drawings) and using FEM finite element method (is a numerical method for solving problems of engineering and mathematical physics.) Based on the inputs, trials and design thinking we could run several topology exercises until we finally predicted that the frame would be the most performing and suitable frame type.

Thinking of the delicate balance of beautiful aesthetics and mechanical capability, the term “Performant Tension” started to emerge out of the sketching page. This concept formula allows us to showcase technological capability through the acceleration and tension of the surfaces transforming the wheelchair from a medical into a product/automotive product.

The contours of the S-KORP, the iconic side and front profile embody a certain feeling of

timeless and technological capability through the constant acceleration and tension of the surface.

Who do you envision using the product?

When designing this product, I wanted to ensure to design a minimalistic object that would appeal to both female and male consumers but at the same time be out of the ordinary as we wanted to challenge both ourselves and our athletes to think outside of the box.


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