Keyless Security TAOCOCO Fingerprint Padlock Review

Keyless Security TAOCOCO Fingerprint Padlock Review
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Have you ever wished you didn’t have to remember a number code or carry around a key for your locker at the gym, your bike, suitcase/luggage, backpack, cabinet to keep the kids out, whatever or whenever you just need a lock to keep your stuff where it is until you get back? Well, introducing the new Fingerprint Padlock by TAOCOCO.

Recently we received a TAOCOCO Fingerprint Padlock, Smart Keyless Security Lock and the following is a review of it.

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It’s not a big heavy lock that you would want to put on your door or garage, but a great little convenient lock for when you need to lock your clothes or equipment in a locker at the gym. It would also be great to use when you are traveling to put on your luggage, so that if you need to open your bag for security, you don’t have to rummage around for your keys, but instead you can just touch it with your finger. We all know it’s stressful enough traveling on airlines, going through security and all the headache that goes with it!

The TAOCOCO Fingerprint Padlock would also be ideal as a bike lock, for your backpack, or for a special cabinet that you want to lock the kids out of for whatever reason.

It could also be used for a school locker, but I wouldn’t guarantee it would be strong enough to take a good hit from a hard object, so I personally don’t recommend that. I suppose it would depend on how secure or safe the location is in general.

Setting up the TAOCOCO Fingerprint Padlock

The instructions were a bit of a challenge and a little confusing, and smacked of Engrish, but for the most part, understandable. I wasn’t getting it to work right, so I had my son try to figure it out since he’s more tech savvy than me. In fact, at one point while setting it up, it was accepting and opening with everyone’s fingerprint, so we knew we had to be doing something wrong. So, we deleted all fingerprints and started over. We found that some parts of the instructions weren’t correct. He found that using these instructions for adding another person’s finger worked better:

To put in another person’s fingerprint, the administrator holds his finger on the screen until the light goes blue. He takes his finger off, and then taps the screen. After he taps the screen, the light will start flashing blue. Then the other person can put their finger in several (10) times. There is no green light until it successfully reads the finger.

As you record your finger, it will take 10 views of it. It will also record up to ten other fingerprints besides the administrator. Another idea is to have it record the same finger once or twice, so that it has several records of the same finger, which will hopefully clear up any glitching out it might do.

This stylish-looking grey TAOCOCO Fingerprint Padlock comes with a Lithium Polymer battery and the company boasts that the battery will last one year or 1500 unlocks, then it needs to be recharged for 2 hours with its USB port. It also boasts of being anti-dust and anti-erosion, IP65 Waterproof.

In conclusion, I think this will be a great little lock for me when I’m at the gym, bicycling, traveling, or whenever I want my stuff to still be there when I get back to it.

You can order the TAOCOCO Fingerprint Padlock here for $24.99. At the moment, Amazon has a discount code for 15% off, but now you can get up to 25% off with an additional coupon code for 10% off as well. Use this code at checkout for the additional 10% off: Q7C3HTK3.

Full disclosure: I received a free TAOCOCO Fingerprint Padlock in return for an honest review of the product.

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