7th Dem Presidential Debates – Blitzer to Stoke the Fire!

The Democratic Primary debates continue to be overshadowed by impeachment proceedings and brinkmanship with Iran. After all, CNN didn’t even announce the moderators until yesterday – less than a week before the debate!

Presidential Debates

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Good News: The field has narrowed to FIVE candidates.

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Bad News: TV ratings continue to plummet.

So CNN called in Wolf Blitzer to the rescue!

As a leading expert in panel moderation, I am available to comment on the performance of the debate moderators.

Even though Biltzer has moderated six Presidential debates, his reputation is rather erratic: He's either "fully in charge" (5th RNC 2016) or "cedes control" (10th RNC 2016).

He also likes to create controversy. For example at the 5th Republican Debate in 2011, Blitzer asked Ron Paul a hypothetical question about a young man who could afford health insurance but refused to purchase any and went into a coma. They engaged in a back and forth repartee until Blitzer asked, "Congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die?" A few audience members shouted "Yeah!"

Yeah, that's shocking....but what shocks me more is the debate between the candidate and the moderator. It should have been between the candidates.

With only five candidates on the stage and lagging ratings, I imagine Blitzer and company will stoke the fire and stir up some controversy.

We won’t know until Tuesday. Obviously, I have an opinion on this. I’ll be reporting pre and post-debate and am available to comment live , Zoom, or pre-recorded interviews. Just give me a call at 480.399.8489 to set up a time to talk.

For more information, check out my blog posting on this or my website at www.RulesAnalyst.com.

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