Cisneros to Congressman Cuellar: You’re Trump’s Favorite Democrat

For the second time, Congressman Cuellar remains last House Democrat from Texas to support holding Trump accountable

LAREDO, TX – Today, a day ahead of a full House vote on the articles of impeachment, Democratic candidate for Congress in Texas’ 28th Congressional District, Jessica Cisneros called on her opponent to stand with South Texans and support holding President Trump and his administration accountable. Congressman Cuellar voted with President Trump 70% of the time last Congress and is publicly undecided on impeachment.

“My position on impeachment is clear: President Trump has abused his office, obstructed Congress, and threatened the law of the land. He must be removed,” said Cisneros. “Despite overwhelming evidence of abuse of power by Donald Trump, Congressman Cuellar is silent, aiding Trump and the Republican Party. By refusing to join his colleagues in the Texas Democratic delegation and decisively support the articles of impeachment, my opponent proves once again he’s Trump’s favorite Democrat.”

Congressman Cuellar on the issues

This is not the first time Congressman Cuellar has dragged his feet in support of moving forward with impeachment until faced with overwhelming pressure from within his district. In September 2019, he was the last member of the Texas delegation to express support for opening an impeachment inquiry, switching his position within hours of Cisneros’ campaign challenging him on the matter. As the Dallas Morning News reported last week:

When Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced in late September that the House would open an impeachment inquiry, Cuellar initially preached patience, offering a statement that indicated impeachment would be premature.

After Cisneros accused him of being soft on impeachment, he toughened his rhetoric, bringing it in line with that of most other Democrats and signaling a willingness to entertain the possibility: “No one is above the law, and if investigations prove that impeachment is the necessary course of action, then I will be forced to act on impeachment proceedings.”

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