OnePlus 8 leak suggests it could sport four-camera system

OnePlus 8 leak suggests it could sport four-camera system
Image source: TrueTech

OnePlus 7 has already been with users for some time, and the alleged leaks regarding its successors have already hit the web. Now, a new report from TrueTech reveals a new pattern concept of next year’s OnePlus device. The publication shared the PDF file of a new OnePlus 8 leak which allegedly originates from an anonymous OnePlus employee, and it reveals that the phone could be equipped with a four-lens camera system, as well as punch-hole camera design which has already been seen on Samsung models this year.

The PDF file shows that OnePlus plans to ditch its approach of using the pop-up camera design. Instead, it’ll use an approach similar to one from Samsung, adding the punch-hole design. There’s also a change from OnePlus 7 to OnePlus 8, while the previous model boasted the single camera on the front, next year’s model will feature the dual camera system on the selfie camera.

According to the OnePlus 8 leak, the phone will also boast additional changes. The design shows an even slimmer front bezel compared to this year’s model, in both the OnePlus 8 and Pro model, while the antenna has also been moved from the sides to the top and bottom fuselage. The PDF doesn’t reveal whether this change in design will reflect the future quality of signals.

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It’s noticeable that the overall bodily design on OnePlus 8 will change, given that the frame is narrower, while the phone in itself measures longer compared to its currently-active predecessor. The other parts of the phone remained unchanged. The volume button is on the right side while the left side fuselage boasts the power button.

The rear of the phone sports significant changes compared to OnePlus 7. The rear of the phone is rumored to sport four rear cameras which is more than OnePlus 7, alongside with the dual LED flash and ToF sensor.

It’s still unclear whether this PDF can be trusted, so until official confirmation, it’s best to take the information with a pinch of salt. It’s also worth noting that the PDF is equipped with the Official OnePlus Slate typeface. If you want to check the entire contents of the PDF files, you can access it on Google Drive here.

If this PDF of OnePlus 8 leak is consistent with the plans the company has for its next year’s flagship phone, then it’s an interesting set of changes, but we’ll see how they’ll rank compared to the plans the competition has for its future phones. Another leak also suggests that OnePlus 8 could come with a wearable, so that could be something to look forward to also. What do you think about the OnePlus 8 leak? Let us know in the comments.


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