The most popular features in smart car development

The most popular features in smart car development

As advancements in data and AI continue to open up new realms of possibility when it comes to seeing our future capabilities, we are starting to see data’s effects in improving metrics in education, extending the bounds of medical research, changing the future of sports, and more. Our technologies are evolving at a rapid rate, and one innovative area that is rapidly expanding with many new features in smart car tech development.

From rear-view backup cameras to facial recognition, there is a huge catalog of features to choose from when buying a car. Unsure which options are best for you and your relationship with your car? This guide can get you started.

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New Camera Types

Some of the latest and most popular features in smart car development creates a new-found sense of vision. Updates such as rear view cameras are becoming standard [source] in many automotive giants, in pricier models as well as less expensive cars.

In recent years, those with more luxurious tastes may gravitate toward cars with night vision capabilities, which comes standard on many high-end models. However, accessibility to this technology has opened up with low-cost systems controlled by smartphones that outfit your car to use this tech on a budget. A new study by TrueCar found that among 1 in 4 drivers who use night vision or thermal imaging, nearly 95% of them would recommend the tools to others.

Sensor Technology

Many of the latest features in smart car tech involve the installation of sensors located around a vehicle. These serve a variety of purposes, primarily to upgrade the vehicle’s sense of awareness (increasing the ability for automobile autonomy) and to boost overall driver safety.

Today, sensor tech comes in many forms, including blind spot detection, parking assist systems, backup sensors, collision warnings, and more. These features utilize millimeter-wave radar technology, which improves how conventional advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are able to give vehicles a heightened awareness of objects in its proximity. Drives can rest easy with these types of technology, knowing that they have a secondary line of defense to protect against the dangers on the road.

Console Upgrades

A significant amount of the most sought-after updates that people want aren’t related to improving the vehicle mechanics, but rather as additions to physical or cosmetic features. Over half of American drivers on the car search are looking for their car to come with USB ports (63%), Bluetooth capabilities (58%), keyless entry (52%), and heated/cooling seats (51%), according to the True Car survey.

Most people these days expect car companies to provide proper connectivity with handheld devices and updated interior features. Especially as state governments crack down on cellphone use in cars, it becomes even more important for vehicles to give drivers the ability to connect their devices and follow the law. These features will likely become the standard in the future. If your car doesn’t have this option, consider upgrading your car radio or even buying a phone mount.

Automatic features in smart car

The less a driver needs to worry about on the road, the more they can focus on the wheel. Automatic wipers, emergency braking, high beam activation, and more ensure a driver can depend on new cars with these features to keep them safe.

On a lighter note, autonomous doors, trunks, and start-up elements simply offer a helping hand.

Smart Cars: The New Standard or Overrated?

Some of the latest applications of smart car technology are changing the game for many commuters looking for the best driving experience possible. While some of these options are only possible with a luxury car, those days may be numbered. Consumers are seeking these features and options are becoming more available.  Just like the NHL and our classrooms, changes to the way our most important tools, such as our cars, process information and data are giving us new possibilities at automotive development.





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