2019 Invest for Kids Conference: GrizzlyRock, Zell, Vinik And More

The 2019 Invest For Kids 11th Anniversary Conference which took place on October 30th at the Harris Theater in Chicago. Highlights of the coverage will be posted at this link and in our Q3 letters archive so stay tuned.

The Invest For Kids conference is the Chicago investment event of the year. The conference features presentations from an elite group of successful investment managers. These managers present their views and ideas in concise 15 minute presentations in an effort to help underprivileged kids in the Chicago area.

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2019 Invest for Kids Conference: Speaker List and Notes

  • Equity Group Investments’ Sam Zell

See Sam Zell’s full coverage here: WeWork is a perfect example of a Greater Fool theory.

Sam was a beneficiary of a unique relationship with Jay Pritzker. Same benefited immensely from that and have tried to do the same for others. Jay was the master of risk, Sam’s focus on risk during his career…it’s where investment begins and ends.

We do have a lot of liquidity now, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a low risk connection. For example there’s no money going into the oil patch now, boom then bust in the investment cycle. Not a ton of money going to drill right now. Buying a stream of oil today at 15-16% yields, it’s hard to believe you’ll do wrong but not many folks out there doing that now.

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