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These Games May Not Be As Fun On Switch Lite As On Original Switch

Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld-only console and is releasing on Sept. 20. The Lite version is very different from the original in terms of features. Owing to these differences not all of the Switch games will be available to play as Switch Lite games. So, to help you make a buying decision we have listed below the Switch games that will be affected by feature changes in the Lite version.

Nintendo Switch Lite is handheld only, meaning it will only play portable games and won’t connect to a TV. Additionally, it does not come with detachable Joy-Con controllers, and it doesn’t feature the IR sensor or HD Rumble functionality as well.

Owing to such missing features, the Switch Lite games library will be comparatively smaller than Switch’s games library of over 2000. Nintendo also acknowledged this saying the Lite version will only play games that support the handheld mode.

Talking of the games, GameSpot has come up with a list of popular games that will be impacted by Switch Lite’s feature changes.

Super Mario Party – since the game depends on local and online multiplayer in docked mode, its playability will be significantly affected on the Lite version. The games doesn’t allow the players to enter the title screen unless Switch is docked and Joy-Cons are connected. Super Mario Party’s only undocked mode is Toad’s Rec Room, but it may not work as smoothly either.

Super Mario Maker 2 – with no option to dock, players won’t be able to use the Joy-Con as a mouse to drop and drag objects in the Course Maker mode. Though it is a limitation in the Switch Lite, many won’t mind it as creating levels in the game in docked mode is not recommended.

1-2-Switch – this game encourages players to get off the couch with Joy-Cons in-hand to enjoy several mini-games. The game makes use of Switch’s Joy-Con’s HD rumble, IR sensors and convertible functionality. Since the Lite version lacks all such features, 1-2-Switch will not be playable. However, you can play the game if you buy the Joy-Cons separately.

Nintendo Labo – several Labo kits won’t support the Switch Lite due to its form factor and smaller size. These kits are designed to fit the regular Switch. So, unless Nintendo comes up with some design tweak you won’t be able to use Labo kits with Switch Lite.

The Just Dance Series – missing Joy-Cons will again restrict you from playing this game. Even if you buy the Joy-Cons separately, the game wouldn’t be the same owing to reduced screen size and missing kickstand. Besides, this dance game is more fun when you can display it to others on a TV set anyway.

Arms – the primary requirement for the game is detachable Joy-Cons, which players can use in the game for shadow boxing. However, Switch Lite players will still be able to use standard button inputs, but they will surely miss the fun of playing with Joy-Cons.

Jackbox Party Pack Games – with no docked mode, players will have to huddle around the Switch Lite’s tiny screen to enjoy these fun party games.

Fitness Boxing – this game will also be affected by the lack of Joy-Cons. However, you can buy the Joy-Cons separately.

Apart from the above mentioned games, any other game that supports local multiplayer with controllers will be affected as well. To play these Switch Lite games, you will have to buy the Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers. If you don’t buy them, then you will only be able to play multiplayer games that support wireless connectivity to other Switch consoles.

Additionally, games that require you to rotate the screen vertically will also be affected due to the lack of detachable Joy-Cons. For instance, the classic arcade games. Even with the original Switch, you need to have the Flip Grip peripheral to play such games easily.

If you are okay with these changes to the games, then Switch Lite is the console for you. It will launch on September 20 in three colors: grey, yellow, and turquoise. The console costs $200, or $100 less than the original Switch model. However, if you want a prettier looking edition, a limited-edition off-white Pokemon-themed Switch Lite will launch on November 8.

Nintendo’s Switch Lite features a 5.5-inch and 720p screen. The original Nintendo Switch will co-exist along with the Switch Lite at the original price of $300.

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