The Top 10 Richest European Cities Now And In 2060 [Interactive]

New interactive tool visualizes how European cities wealth will change in the next 40 years

  • Bucharest will be Europe’s RICHEST city by 2060
  • Luxembourg will be the RICHEST city in Europe for another 10 years
  • Netherlands, Germany and Slovakia are Europe’s three RICHEST countries
  • UK doesn’t penetrate top 10, with Aberdeen appearing first
  • By 2060 there will be five German cities in the top 10
  • Neubrandenburg CLIMBS the most places, while Düsseldorf takes the BIGGEST tumble

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A new interactive tool has revealed how different European city’s wealth will change over the next 40 years.

Luxembourg is the richest city in Europe in terms of GDP per capita, closely followed by Groningen and Ingolstadt, a new study reveals.

The study of 270 cities, conducted by Grosvenor Casinos, examines future wealth, as well as where the UK sits next to Europe – according to the research, the UK doesn’t even penetrate the top 10, with Aberdeen appearing 17th in the list.

Netherlands city, Groningen, will overtake Luxembourg to take the top spot by 2025, and in 2050, the Romanian capital Bucharest will emerge as Europe’s richest city.

By 2060, the study shows five German-based cities will be in the top 10 richest cities within Europe, with Görlitz, Aschaffenburg, Düsseldorf, Schweinfurt and Neubrandenburg appearing.

Looking at which European cities rise the most, German city, Neubrandenburg jumps 168 places – the most of any city included in the study.

Current top 10 richest European cities are:

1) Luxembourg

2) Groningen

3) Ingolstadt

4) Düsseldorf

5) Bratislava

6) Paris

7) Heilbronn

8) München

9) Bucureşti

10) Regensburg

Top 10 richest European cities in 2060 will be:

1) Bucureşt – UP eight places

2) Luxembourg – DOWN one place

3) Groningen – UP one place

4) Paris UP two places

5) Görlitz – UP 94 places

6) Aschaffenburg – UP 25 places

7) Dublin – UP one place

8) Düsseldorf – DOWN four places

9) Schweinfurt – UP 17 places

10) Neubrandenburg – UP 168 places

When looking at the richest UK cities, surprisingly London won’t take the top spot until 2055, with Reading city in first position for another 36 years.

As part of the study, Grosvenor Casinos, created an interactive bar chart to compare how UK cities stack up when it comes to wealth.

About Grosvenor Casinos:

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