No Tea Or Coffee: India Dealing With Massive Heat Wave

A massive heat wave is sweeping across the desert state of Rajathstan in India, prompting a warning from health officials to consumer as much water as possible. The number of heat stroke victims has has surged today, as this is the fourth day with incredibly high temperatures. The local temperature has risen to as much as 122 degrees Fahrenheit, making it dangerous for those who are not drinking enough water. Medical personnel are telling local residents that water is their best option and no tea or coffee should be consumed during this time.

No Tea or Coffee Could be Hard to Obey

Coffee drinking is a relatively new culture in India, although it has turned into a lifestyle in countries like the US. In western countries it is not uncommon to see a Starbucks in many towns, but in India tea has been the staple hot beverage for many generations. It is not uncommon for a resident of India to begin their day with tea, while coffee definitely takes the number 1 slot in America for a morning beverage. However, the coffee culture is setting in and slowly steeping the nation with its dark, bold flavor. While it is still quite common to find yourself sipping Nescafe in lieu of real coffee in a restaurant in India, the culture is slowly shifting towards the bolder flavor of the bitter drink. Because of this, the order of “no tea or coffee” may be a tough one for many people to actually follow.

Deaths Related to Heat Stroke

In Rajasthan and neighboring states affected by this mass of hot air there have been several deaths linked to dehydration and heat stroke. The city of Churu has seen at least 10 cases of heat stroke in their government hospital since the temperatures started to rise. One person told The International News that they felt as if they were burning. Sanjay Kumar said  “I have been vomiting a lot. My whole body was burning and I couldn’t go anywhere because the temperatures were so high. It was so hot that it felt like we were carrying something that was burning.” While we don’t know if he had followed the instructions of “no tea or coffee,” the heat had still affected him beyond his body’s ability to cope with it.

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Heat Wave is Affecting Farm Animals

According to Narendra Kumar, the heat wave is affecting his dairy cows. He said that he is accustomed to higher temperatures in the summertime, but this year he was forced to take action to help his cows. Speaking of the heat he said, “my animals feel it a lot. During the day when the temperature is at a peak, we bring all the cattle inside and switch on the cooler.” It is fairly safe to say that the cows are not disobeying the orders of “no tea or coffee,” but according to farmers they are still suffering from the incredibly high temps. There is no word yet on when the heat is expected to pass on to cooler temperatures.