Try This To Fix The Play Store’s ‘Error Retrieving Information From Server’

Try This To Fix The Play Store’s ‘Error Retrieving Information From Server’
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The Play Store is arguably the most important part of any Android phone, and on average, users visit it at least once a day. However, some users are unable to access the Play Store due to a long-standing, common issue. Affected users say that on accessing the Play Store, they get a message saying “Error retrieving information from server. DF- DFERH- 01.”

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Error retrieving information from server. DF- DFERH- 01

This issue has long been troubling users, who have been reporting it for the past two years at least. However, the frequency of complaints has increased over the last couple of months. Users affected by the issue say whenever they try to access the Play Store, all they see is a message reading “Error retrieving information from server. DF- DFERH- 01.”

When users encounter this issue, they are unable to access the Play Store or update apps, tech site PiunikaWeb reports.

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“I tried using the play store but it kept showing error and i can’t update my apps,” one affected user said.

Considering that this is such a common issue, PiunikaWeb offers a few tricks affected users can try to fix it. Before trying any of these troubleshooting tricks, you must ensure that you have a stable internet connection, your device has enough storage space to download apps, and your phone and the Play Store are updated.

How to fix this Play Store issue

The first trick is to clear the cache and data of Play Store. Many Play Store problems can be easily fixed by clearing the cache and data. To do this, go to Settings app > App & notifications > See all apps. From here, select “Google Play Store” and tap Storage > Clear Cache > Clear data.

Now try to open the Play Store again. If clearing the cache and data doesn’t solve the issue and you still get the same message “Error retrieving information from server. DF- DFERH- 01,” then the next trick is to reboot or restart your device.

If this also doesn’t work, the next trick is to clear the cache and data from the Download Manager. To do this, go to the phone’s Settings app > Apps and then tap the three-dot menu on the top. From the available options, select “Show System” and then scroll down to select the Download Manager. Now go to Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data.

Hopefully the Play Store will work normally now, but if not, then it’s time to move onto the next trick, which is to uninstall and then reinstall updates. To do this, go to the Settings app, then “Apps” and then scroll down and select “Google Play Store.” Now from the three-dot menu on top of the screen, tap “More” and then “Uninstall updates.” Press OK if you get a notification asking you if you want to reset the Play Store to the factory version.

If this also doesn’t solve the issue, the next trick is to remove and then re-add your Google account. Before going ahead with this trick, it is advised that you take a backup of all the information linked to your Google Account.

To remove your Google account, go to the Settings app. From the accounts, select the one you want to remove, tap on the three-dot menu and then tap “Remove account.” You may need to confirm your decision by entering the device’s lock code (pattern/PIN/password).

To add the account back, go to the Settings app > Personal > Accounts > Add account. Now follow the onscreen instructions to add your account. To check if the account has been added successfully, go to Play Store > Menu, and the newly-added account will show there. Now select the account you want to use and try downloading from the Play Store.

Hopefully the issue will be resolved. If you still face the issue, try a factory reset. To do so, go to the Settings app >  System > Advanced > Reset options. Now select “Erase all data,” and then “Reset phone.” You will be asked to enter the device’s lock code (PIN, pattern, or password). After this, tap “Erase everything.” Once your device has finished erasing, restart the device and check the Play Store.

If the issue remains, you should now contact Google’s support team to get the issue resolved.

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