Theresa May Resigns: Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister Of The UK?

Theresa May Resigns: Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister Of The UK?
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Theresa May Resigns As British PM

British PM Theresa May resigns as other British politicians line up to take her place the next Prime Minister of the UK, according to the BBC. The announcement comes after her attempts to push Brexit through have failed. As she was working to get the UK out of the European Union there were plans set in motion to help prevent the civil unrest that was expected if a deal could not be reached. She fully intended to pull the UK out of the Union, even if negotiations between the parties stalled. Now it seems that her plans have all been dismantled and she will be stepping down.

Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister Of The UK?

As Theresa May resigns, effective on June 7, the question of “who will be the next Prime Minister of the UK?’ There are a number of contenders for the coveted position, and all of them will be vying for the slot. Perhaps her most ardent opponent in terms of political views, Boris Johnson will certainly be in the running. Johnson is the former mayor of London and also served as foreign secretary until his resignation last year. He resigned the post in protest of May’s policies and Brexit plans. While Johnson is popular with the conservative populace, he is not so favored within the halls of Parliament and he will need to win the favor of Tory MPs to gain the position.

Andrea Leadsom is the former Leader of the House, and also a front runner to be the next Prime Minister of the UK. after Theresa May resigns on June 7, we will no doubt see this figure campaigning for her position. She is a supporter of Brexit, but resigned her post as Leader of the House last year because she had lost faith in the current government’s ability to bring about the exit from the EU.

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Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt will also be a top candidate for the position as next Prime Minister of the UK. She has a history as a naval reservist and was appointed as the first female Defence Secretary last year. Her conservative views make her popular among the Tories and giver her a good chance at being selected to fill the shoes of May. If Mordaunt is selected, it is certain she will want to maintain the military defense of the UK. Theresa May resigned, leaving the Prime Minister spot vacant, and Mordaunt is ready to step in and take the reigns if chosen.

What’s In Store For The UK?

With Theresa May resigning, there mixed feelings in London. Her opponents are feeling some relief in knowing they defeated her Brexit plans. However, they are also nervous about who will become the next Prime Minister of the UK. If they find themselves facing someone who has even more resolve than May they could be in for a long fight to keep the country in the European Union. We will have to wait and see how things play out over the next few weeks following the actual vacating of the post by May.

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