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PlayStation 5 Price Could Be Up To 25% Higher Than We Thought

Sony has the world waiting to see if their next gen PlayStation console can compete with what Microsoft is building in the xBox arena. One of the topics of conversation has been what the PlayStation 5 price range will be. According to the International Business Times, it could be much more than you think.

PlayStation 5 Price:  How much is a next gen console?

The report notes that the US vs China trade war will have some impact on the new console from Sony. In a document released by the Office of the United States Trade Representative we find the details of which items imported from China could see price increases due to the tariffs imposed by the government. Hidden away in this document we find a line that indicates the PlayStation 5 price could be increased dramatically due to these tariffs. In fact, the tariff on video game consoles is expected to increase by as much as 25%.

Microsoft also Affected by Tariffs

Sony is not alone in its woes concerning tariffs on Chinese imports. Both companies utilize parts manufactured in China, which means the tariffs will decrease their profit margin, unless the new consoles come at a much higher price to consumers. The could mean that the new xBox will also carry a high price tag than previous versions did. While the PlayStation 5 price has not yet been announced by Sony, we can only assume that the company will have to increase the price to prevent profit loss on the machine.

xBox may Out-Perform PlayStation 5

Ainsley Bowden is a seasoned gamer who understands the ins and outs of consoles and what their hardware is capable of. He believes the no matter what the PlayStation 5 price is finally set at, it will not be able to compete with the next gen xBox in terms of performance. He believes the xBox has a much better hardware setup than what the PS5 is said to contain, giving Microsoft a definite edge in terms of performance.

How Much?

The question everyone really wants to know the answer to is “what will the PlayStation 5 price actually be?” Unfortunately, no one actually knows what the price will be, aside from those who will be setting it. In light of the new tariffs, it is possible the company itself has not determined what the sales price will be.  Analysts from Pelham Smithers had previously announced they believed the PS5 would retail at $399, which is not completely mind blowing at first glance. However, with the trade war impacting import costs, there is a good chance that their estimate is very low. In fact, the console could retail in the $500-$600 range. If that is the case, then it could be that some gamers will shy away from the next gen console and continue to play their PS4 instead, due to the initial investment cost.