OnePlus 7 Pro Ghost Touch Linked To CPU-Z App

OnePlus 7 Pro Ghost Touch Linked To CPU-Z App
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OnePlus has had a rocky run in the mobile market of late. It seems the Shenzhen based manufacturer is destined to forever be working bugs out of its devices. The OnePlus 7 Pro ghost touch anomaly is just the latest in a string of issues that has plagued the company.

OnePlus History of Problems

OnePlus released their first device in 2014. The stated goal of the company was to release a single flagship device annually. That goal was later revised to include a second device each year, which was subsequently dubbed as the “T” variant. The problem is that many of the  devices the company has released has been plagued with problems. The OnePlus One was the first device to roll out of the company, and from the initial launch date it suffered with a yellowish tint on the display. The issues continued with the OnePlus 3 and 3T models suffering from rear camera issues. The OnePlus 5 suffered from major display issues. Now, the OnePlus 7 Pro ghost touch issue is just one more obstacle in the way of the company trying desperately to compete in a growing market.

OnePlus 7 Ghost Touch Issue

While OnePlus has poured all of their effort into their latest device, it seems they are yet to overcome the haunting problems that tend to overtake them unaware. The OnePlus 7 Pro ghost touch issue was initially thought to be a problem with just one unit. However, more users have reported that something was causing the device to register “phantom touches,” according to Piunika Web. They report that users had trouble recreating the problem at first, and were baffled by what was causing the device to record touches that weren’t actually being made.

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Eventually, some users determined the touches were initiated by an app called CPU-Z, which tracks system information. The app is apparently harmless, but doesn’t play well with the OnePlus 7 Pro. Users were further able to determine that the OnePlus 7 Pro ghost touch issue seems to be related to the NFC capabilities of the device. According to reports, activating the NFC software in the phone can trigger the phantom touches, even without CPU-Z being run at the same time.

OnePlus Working to Resolve the Issue

OnePlus is working to resolve the OnePlus 7 Pro ghost touch issue, but there are a lot of factors to consider. The company selected multiple vendors to make the displays for the devices, so at this moment, there is no knowledge of whether a particular batch of the displays are affected. The company has officially acknowledged there is a problem with the device, and for now, they have suggested turning of the NFC capabilities of the phone until a better solution is found.

OnePlus Gets a Bad Rap

Because of recent issues with OnePlus devices, the company gets a bad rap. The OnePlus 7 Pro ghost touch issue is not a major problem with the device, and when CPU-Z is removed the problem seems to be resolved. The company offers well designed products that contain many of the high quality parts that other brands have as well. David Y., the OnePlus Global Community Manager has issued a statement, assuring consumers the company is taking the issue very seriously and working to resolve it as quickly as possible. How this latest problem will affect sales for the company is yet to be seen.

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