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Graphics In GTA 6 Could Be Insanely Intense Thanks To PS5

While Rockstar Studios has been a front runner in terms of fandom, it could be possible that their next release of Grand Theft Auto could one of the hottest games on the market. GTA 6 is most likely not coming to stores any time in the near future, but when it does, the graphics could be mind blowing.

GTA 6 Could Have Some Retro Features

According to the Daily Star, GTA 6 could very well have some features that will cause older gamers to reminisce about their days of pounding buttons on a PS2 controller. There is a good chance that the game will be set in Liberty City and Vice City, which well definitely bring back some memories of loading times and glitchy graphics. However, gaming systems and computers have improved drastically since the days of 45 second loading screens.

New PC Mod Could Give Sneak Peek at GTA 6 Graphics

Thanks to a new PC mod called GTAV Redux we could have an idea of what GTA 6 graphics will look like. The mod is specifically designed to improve the graphics in the PC version of GTA 5, which were already stunning to begin with. Now, it appears that this could become the standard for the GTA 6 console launch. It will most likely be released on PlayStation 5, as the Sony system seems to be the favorite of Rockstar Studios. The graphics capabilities of the system will be much more advanced than previous releases and will give game creators the ability to create nearly lifelike game play situations.

PS5 System

The PS5 is rumored to be capable of 8k graphics and is based on AMD’s third gen Ryzen CPU. This delivers a powerful base that can compute and configure games with lightning speed, as well as deliver stunning graphics. With the advancement of things like ray tracing technology, the games released on the new PlayStation system will most likely be incredible to play. GTA 6 will almost certainly be a favorite on this system.

GTA 6 Projected Launch

No one knows for sure when Rockstar Studios will actually launch GTA 6. If history is a good indicator, then the pattern suggests about 5 years between game launches. The studio just recently launched Red Dead Redemption, so it most likely won’t be launching GTA 6 until sometime in the future. It is believed that somewhere near the middle of the PS5 cycle is when it could be expected, as that will give the console platform time to have saturated the market. The graphics in GTA 6 will almost certainly be 8k, and console gamers are already waiting for the platform to be launched.