Google Search Bar Missing From Discover Feature

Google Search Bar

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Google Search Bar

Google search bar is perhaps one of the best known images on the web. Virtually all Internet users have utilized this tool at one time or another to discover interesting information. Developed into perhaps the most powerful search engine in the world, Google has become the standard for SEO experts to aim towards.

Google Feed Revamped

Last year Google Feed was given a massive makeover and renamed Discover. This revamp brought improved features to both the app and the main website. Content is suggested to the user based on previously viewed web pages and the interface makes finding more information very simple. The Google search bar now sits over a list of content that the engine believes the end user is interested in. The Discover icon is displayed above the images and clicking it will open up more content along the same topic.

Discover Loses Search Bar

According to Piunika Web the Google search bar has now disappeared from the Discover page. Instead, you will see a Doodle, followed by the content that the artificial intelligence behind the app believes you will enjoy viewing. This appears to be a bug that affects users across the Android community. Even those who are running launchers like Nova and Google Now report that the feature has indeed disappeared. Their reports demonstrate the frustration they’re feeling when trying to look up information with no way to do so. Google’s search feature is the one thing most users rely on for everything from up to date gas prices to directions to their next stop for the day.

Could it be that Google intends to disable the Google Search bar permanently in Discover, and this is the rollout for that change? Or, could it just be a backend issue they are working to solve? The issue has been reported since the first part of May, and although Google just did an update last week, it doesn’t seem to have solved the problem. Users report that the feature can be added to the home screen of their device, but many complain it takes up space and causes¬† clutter. We will have to wait and see if Google resolves the issue quickly, solving the mystery of the vanished Google search bar.

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