Classic Ferrari 288 GTO Stolen During Test Drive In Germany

Classic Ferrari 288 GTO Stolen During Test Drive In Germany
GTHO [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Ferrari 288 GTO

Ferrari is a name people in almost every country on Earth recognize. The exotic sports car manufacturer has created a series of vehicles that collectors from around the world dream of owning. The Ferrari 288 GTO is one of those models, but it is a very special one. It is a variant of the 308 GTB and only 272 of them were ever built. Because of the limited number in existence, their value is incredibly high. One man in Dusseldorf, Germany owns one, which is worth upwards of $2 million. Or, at least he did own one, until it was stolen on Monday. A man stole the vehicle when they pulled over to swap drivers during the test drive.

Stolen Car Worth A Fortune

The 1985 Ferarri 288 GTO, which once belonged to Formula 1 driver Eddie Ervine, is part of a special series of cars. The 288 GTO was manufactured specifically to compete in the  nascent Group B Circuit Race, according to CNN. This circuit was planned to be a street racing version of the Group B Rally circuit. Unfortunately the race series was cancelled and none of the races were ever run. However, this contributes to the value of the stolen Ferrari, making it one of the most desired cars of the 1980s.

Car Found – Suspect At Large

Police eventually found the stolen Ferrari 288 GTO in a garage on Tuesday night. It was about 18 miles south of Dusseldorf in the town of Grevenbroich. Peter Haynes, a spokesman for Sotheby’s says the vehicle would be next to impossible for a thief to sell. It is somewhat like a famous painting in that respect. Easily recognizable and hard to sell means it would be foolish to hang on to it. No doubt the thief just wanted an unrestricted joy ride in the powerful machine. It appears the owner will get his collectible machine back once again. No doubt he will be more careful when he schedules the next test drive with a prospective buyer.

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