Bill Browder On The Dismal State Of U.S. – Russia Relations

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Notes of Bill Browder, Michael McFaul and Richard Bradley from their presentation at the 2019 SALT Conference called “Red Hot Peace Notice: The Dismal State Of U.S. – Russia Relations.”

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Red Hot Peace Notice: The Dismal State Of U.S. - Russia Relations

Bill Browder - Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Hermitage Capital Management

Michael McFaul - Ambassador of the United States of America to the Russian Federation (2012-2014)

Richard Bradley - Editor in Chief, Worth Magazine

Cold War 2.0? Putin and Trump shook American-Russo relations to their core in a game of political interference, global trade, and fear

  • These two were on a list of people Putin wanted access to in a negotiation between the US and Russia
  • Russia is so mad at Bill Browder they have asked Interpol 7 times to arrest him
    • Reason being that the Russian government killed and tortured his lawyer and he subsequently got the Mmagnitsky act based on the case
    • After the sixth arrest warrant he was arrested in Madrid, Spain
    • If he went back to Russia he would be killed and tortured after he admitted to crimes he didn’t do
  • Browder expects Putin is worth $200 billion mostly offshore money
  • President Trump has a fixation on becoming Putin’s friend
  • Trump had a call with him recently and did not bring up anything from the Bob Muller report
  • In the 2016 election Putin had a decision to make, who will be easier on him on sanctions
    • He picked Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton
  • Russia has been investing large in their nuclear program
  • Almost no chance Putin loses power in the near future
  • Every move you make and everything you say is recorded in Russia

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